[fyeg_gen-l] Olive Tree Branch - Call for participants for first call

Joan Groizard Payeras joan at fyeg.org
Wed Apr 8 21:07:44 CEST 2015

Dear MOs, dear friends,

After the call for feedback last month, the first Olive Tree Branch
discussion session will be on Sunday 19th April, 7pm Central European
Summer time.

The event is open to members of FYEG member organisations and you can
register here

The call will be carried out online via Skype, and it aims to bring
together around 20 people from a wide range of countries. More participants
are welcome, subject to this being operative over Skype.

The session will focus on the following topics, and will be carefully
moderated to ensure a constructive, respectful debate which does not stray
out of the areas under consideration:


   Existing positions: one- vs two-state solution

   Recognition and right to exist of each of Palestine and Israel

   Language/narratives and how they shape the vision of the conflict

   Context of the discussion in FYEG

We would ask participants to spend some time in advance of the session
thinking about their perspectives and opinion on the conflict, and trying
to understand where the disagreements on the subject may come from. This
will help the running of the session and hopefully a more constructive

After the session, the Olive Tree Branch steering team will collect the
points discussed, to be presented at the next FYEG general assembly and to
be discussed at the Olive Tree Branch in-person seminar later this year.

Please use this link to register
and email any questions to joan at fyeg.org, putting office at fyeg.org in copy.

Best wishes,

OTB Steering Team

Member of the Executive Committee
joan at fyeg.org
@joan_gp <https://twitter.com/joan_gp>
+44 (0)7576619934
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