[fyeg_gen-l] Call for Prep team members : Global Justice African-European Seminar

Marie P marie at fyeg.org
Wed Nov 5 17:24:02 CET 2014

Dear all Member Organisations and Green activists,

Please find below a call for Prep-Team members for the organisation of a
Seminar on African-European relations, by the Global Justice Working Group
of FYEG. You are warmly welcomed to spread it in your organisations and..
to apply of course if you are interested ! The deadline is 17th November !

Don't hesitate to contact the WG for any questions or comments at :
af-eu-seminar at listserv.uni-jena.de

Have a great evening,

Marie, on behalf of the Global Justice Working Group

for prep team members: Global Justice African-European Seminar*

 The Global Justice Working Group of the Federation of Young European
Greens is, together with Young Green Organizations from Africa, planning an
exchange event on African-European relations (trade, refugee politics,
development cooperation, …). Aims of the exchange are, amongst others,
building a transcontinental young green network, exchanging know-how about
organisational and structural issues, expressing common demands on
African-European issues, the mobilization and empowerment of young green
activists, and creating a short wire for news, as media information about
Africa in Europe often is biased, and vice versa. Please see this pad for
more information: https://fyeggj.piratenpad.de/3

 The 5-7 days youth exchange event will take place in August or September
2015 (the exact date will be set according to host organization's schedule).

 We are looking for people from young green organizations in Europe and
Africa who want to join the preparation team. Please apply if you want to
contribute ideas on concrete topics, workshops, and methodology, take part
in the application process for Erasmus+ funding, and/or have previous
experience in organizing similar events. We aim at a regionally and
gender-balanced prep team that regularly meets via Skype. Working language
will be English.
Maximum age for prep team members: 30

 Please send an e-mail including a short statement of motivation, i.e. how
you think that you can contribute to the project preparation and
implementation (special skills, knowledge, contacts, etc.), your contact
information (e-mail, phone, Skype), and the name of your organization to:
af-eu-seminar at listserv.uni-jena.de
*Deadline: November 17th, 2014**, 12 pm CET.*


Member of the Executive Committee
marie at fyeg.org
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