[fyeg_gen-l] PR of FYEG: Obama and Barroso: How low can you go?

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Obama and Barroso: How low can you go?

On the occasion of the EU visit of Barack Obama, the Federation of Young
European Greens held today a protest against the Transatlantic Trade and
Partnership Agreement. Today again there is a meeting behind closed doors
in which the head of the EU and the head of the US secretly discussed about
the trade agreement. Thus they violate the democratic principles of
transparency. Therefore the Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG)
protested in front of the European Parliament against the negotiations.
Dressed as EU Commission President Barroso, EU Trade Commissioner De Gucht
and US President Barack Obama, we did a "Limbo of Standards". We asked the
questions: "Consumer standards? How low can you go?

Michael Bloss, Co-Spokesperson of Federation of Young European Greens says:
"We protest today against TTIP, because we see that after the NSA-Scandal
the TTIP is the next scandal on the transatlantic agenda. In secret
negotiations, achievements of the civil society of both sides of the
Atlantic Ocean are being endangered. American businesses are trying to
force GMOs and low quality meat into the European Union and introduce the
ACTA legislation from the backdoor, on the other side the European
financial Industry hopes for getting rid of American Financial Regulations.
This is not the transatlantic cooperation that we have in mind."

Krassina: Demireva, Co-Spokesperson of FYEG adds: "Together with many Civil
Society Organisations from all over Europe, we want to mobilise against
TTIP. It has too many downsides to be of added value to the EU. It would be
an in-transparent agreement that would allow companies to sue governments,
because of high environmental and consumer standards. . The same applies to
the CETA Trade Agreement with Canada. It has similar text, and is of equal
danger to the European Standards. We need to mobilise against it as well."

For more information, please contact:
Michael Bloss: 004917697533999; michael.bloss at fyeg.org
Krassina Demireva: 00359898566125; Krassi at fyeg.org
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