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ktoré nám pomáha nezabudnúť, že Boh stvoril muža a ženu ako rovných a
takými by mali zostať v každej sfére našej spoločnosti.*

*What means Gender in Slovak, Azeri, Turkish, French or Russian ? Lusine
Grigoryan asked her friends last month in the Ecosprinter
<http://www.ecosprinter.eu/blog/international-thoughts-on-gender/>.  *
The* Young Greens of England and Wales* got engaged for* fair pay campuses *in
Great Britain - get to know more about their campaign
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*5 - 13 April *
The case for Israel and Palestine

*14 - 20 April :*
Gender and LGBTQ+

*21 - 27 April :*
No one is illegal (Migration + Free movement)

*28 - 4 May : *
Reclaim your Future (Social Europe)

*5 - 11 May :*
"Towards a more Democratic Europe"

*12 - 18 May : *
Change the policies, not the climate (Energy, climate change and

               New call for articles  Peace talks between Isael and the
Palestinian Authority : after more than 65 years of conflict, is there any
hope left?

* Dear all, *

*After more than 65 years, the current Peace talks being held under the US
supervision between Israel and the Palestinian Authority seem to be more
than ever in an impasse. Old anti semitic obsession of the West ? Symbolic
struggle against a new apartheid? *

*Freedom, Terrorism, Security, media mass manipulation, refugees, religion,
money : today's Holy Land is the ground of the most complex conflict our
generation will have to solve. What are the opportunities left for a
(peaceful) future of the region? Can any US-led negotiations succeed,
taking into account their involvement in the area? Are the current
positions of the European Union satisfying? What can youth do ?*

*The Ecosprinter Editorial Board would like to invite you to send your
articles for this special edition at
**ecosprinter at gmail.com*<ecosprinter at gmail.com>*,
before the 5th April, for its publication on
For any question or remark, please feel free to write us at the indicated
adress !*
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