[fyeg_gen-l] Fwd: Call for articles : 2010's, a deceny of revolutions?

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Thu Mar 6 17:41:35 CET 2014

                         Dear all,

The Ecosprinter Editorial Board would like to call for opinions, papers and
articles regarding *the violent protests occurring throughout the world,
especially in Ukraine, Bosnia, Venezuela and Thailand* from perspectives of
all seen and unseen democracy fighters against the new - and older -
 oligarchs of modern 'democracy'.

Nowadays, there are often seen clashes between totalitarians and liberal
political ideologies. Public protests and riots have been vibrant to sweep
away hard lining governments as observed since Arab Spring to Ukraine
political landscape. Why contemporary democracy and elected representatives
do not satisfy the needs of society but manifest themselves in
neo-oligarchical and dictatorial ways?

   - How Social Media is changing the landscape of today's style of

   -  There's the common saying stating that no revolution ever succeed.
   How can uprisings succeed in achieving a more democratic, sustainable and
   solidarity-based society after such violence?

   - How neo-ruling class is transforming into dictators even though they
   were elected democratically?  Can this be linked to today's post cold war

   - Why we can see violence and brutality on both sides of the conflicts?
   Is each country able to set its own future and regime or there is a need of
   foreign interventions and dictates?

*Send us your articles, stories, pictures, or videos before 13th** March,
2014 to ecosprinter at gmail.com <ecosprinter at gmail.com>.* For any question,
or suggestion, we will be happy to hear from you, or to help you with any
matters !


Your Ecosprinter Editorial Board!


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