[fyeg_gen-l] European Citizen Initiative against TTIP and CETA

Rosalie Salaün rosalie.salaun at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 14:50:21 CEST 2014

Dear Member Organisations,

A coalition of 120 civil society organisations will launch an ECI against
TTIP and CETA in September : http://stop-ttip.org/
They are collecting organisations signature to support this ECI.
Die Grüne Jugend and Les Jeunes Écologistes already brought their support :
why not your organisation and FYEG too ?
To bring your support to this ECI, send an email and your logo to
lisa.albers at mehr-demokratie.de.

GreeNtings :)

Rosalie Salaün
+336 86 28 69 04
rosalie.salaun at gmail.com
Twitter @Rosalie_Sal1 <https://twitter.com/Rosalie_Sal1>
Skype : rosalie.salaun
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