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Sun Feb 23 23:10:19 CET 2014

Dear Green young activists,

This Summer, the Federation of Young European Greens openned a unique
pan-European participatory campaign for the 2014 European Parliamentary
Elections. We are launching this regular Newsletter in order to keep you
updated on the Campaign preparation, and to get your feedbacks on it.

In this First Newsletter,you will get to know more on *who we are*, *what
has happened so far*, get hold on *all the important documents* (
Manifesto, Narrative, Primaries, Campaign Plan, Young Candidates), *the
timeline of upcoming events*, and the ways you and your MO can *get
involved* in the EU Campaign.* Let’s rock it all together !*
               *First Successes !*

Through the writing of the *Manifesto*, hundreds of young activists from
all over Europe discussed online and in several Summer Camps all over
Europe, more than 52 demands for the EU that we want. *The Manifesto and
the Campaign plan* were adopted at an extraordinary General Assembly last
August, prefiguring an ambitious campaign supporting young candidates to
smash EU current order with green ideas !

You were numerous to support* Ska Keller*, the FYEG candidate, for the
Green Primaries, and *thanks to your support* in all Member Organisations, *she
became on the 29th January the Leading candidate for the Europeans Greens
in the European Elections! *         *UPCOMING PLANS !*

All plans of FYEG regarding the campaign are written down within
'toolboxes', gathering information and updated timelines on each campaign
action. Wondering about the Action Weeks, the Online Campaign or the
European Tours? Just check in here in these essential documents !
- *The Manifesto
and its translations
(we are currently translating it in all languages - if you want to help
out, contact marie at fyeg.org)
- *The Campaign
- *Updated Campaign
                 *FYEG keep on supporting young candidates ! *

The next meeting planned is from the 5th to the 8th of March in Brussels,
with the support of the Green European Foundation
To see* who are the young candidates already supported*, click
To get* more information* and* apply* for support, please contact Terry
Terry at fyeg.org or Krassina krassina at fyeg.org !
*First Meeting of the Campaign Coordinators (January 2014)*

>From the 17th to the 21st January, Campaign coordinators from all FYEG
Member Organisations gathered in Brussels to discuss the toolkits prepared
by the Campaign Group, and planning ahead the campaign together. From this
fructful discussions, the Campaign Group updated the toolboxes, engaged a
new Campaign Designer (Laura, from France), and is now working on a website
and slogans.                     Get to know the Campaign Group of FYEG !

The Campaign Group is constitued by *the Campaign Team*, *the Executive
Committee of FYEG*, *the campaign coordinator*, *the campaign
designer* and *the
Online Campaign Team.*
    [image: Inline image 1]
  *The Campaign Team* has been elected in last FYEG General Assembly in May
in Mechelen, and has the mission of implementing the Campaign Plan, adopted
at the Ex-GA in Bad Hersfeld. It is constitued by 8 volunteers from all
over Europe : *Max*, *Terry*, *Joan*, *Kim*, *Antonela*, *Artur*,
*Christoph*, and* Marie*. They are supported by *Aleks* and *Ines*, for the
online campaign matters.             Since Nov. 2013, *Marko Paunovic* is *the
Campaign Coordinator*.          *NEWS: *
Already designer for Les Jeunes Ecologistes, *Laura* from France is
now our *Campaign
designer* !

*You have a question ? Need for details ?*

Ask the FYEG Campaign hotline* Micha* (*micha at fyeg.org <micha at fyeg.org>*)
and *Marie* (*marie at fyeg.org <marie at fyeg.org>*) !
© *|2014|* *|FYEG|*, All rights reserved.*

*Our mailing address is:*
31 Rue Wiertz
1050 Brussels Belgium

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*marie at fyeg.org <marilou.pochon at gmail.com>*
Fr +00336 52 26 19 41
Tr +00905 53 50 37 43 9
Skype : Leshayah

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