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*” To be green means for me to be right. In fact, we struggle against the
denial and we fight for awareness. We know the realities (environmental
 disasters, social inequalities, economic disparities..) and we propose
solutions. Also, we are conscious that to create a new society more
environment-   friendly and more united will be difficult but we are not
pessimist. The hope and the conviction can move mountains!”*
*Fiona Mille, Les Jeunes Ecologistes, France*                   *Dear all, *

In January, you were numerous from all over the world (!!!) to answer to
the joint Global Young Greens - Ecosprinter call on “*what does it mean to
be green?*”. Thank you very much for these inputs (extract above), that you
can of course read (again), and share (again)

The Ecospinter Editorial Board would then, in this month of February and
Valentine’s holy spirit of Love and Consumerism, invite you to share your
papers and articles on “Gender”.

Does this still mean something to be a feminist today? What after gay
marriage? What are the best tools to fight for Gender equality and parity?

At a time when the ‘Gender theory’ is feeding the worse of the French
society’s fears, when LGBTQIF+ activists in Russia and Eastern Europe are
pursued by the authorities in the shadow of the Sotchi Olympic games, when
Spanish women are walking down the streets for their right of abortion,
when the debate on 50+ quotas are heating up FYEG GA debates (all
proportions guarded ;-)), Gender and Sexuality issues seem to make
headlines all over Europe, with this question : Would the end of patriarchy
be a change of civilization? LGBTQ+ rights, Gender equality, feminism,
gender theory, Gay mariage and adoption, in which extent the states should
be allowed inside our underwear ?

Send us your articles, stories, pictures or press caricatures *before the
27th February* to *ecosprinter at gmail.com* <ecosprinter at gmail.com> or
*marie at fyeg.org* <marie at fyeg.org> . For any question, or suggestion, we’ll
also be happy to hear from you, or to help you with any matters !


Your Ecosprinter Editorial Board !

Please find here* the agenda for the coming editions of the
Ecosprinter.*Of course all feedback is warmly welcome, and if you have
any ideas of
topics and issues you would like to be tackled, drop an email to
ecosprinter at gmail.com !

*27th February :* Gender Edition
*10th March :* Bosnian and Ukrainian Uprisings, Arab Spring.. examples of
real democracy coming from the East?
*25th March:* Israel and Palestine, fake conflict over real blood ?
*10th April:* The complex equation of non-Interventionism and
neocolonialism in the globalized world

All dates are of course purely indicative and we will inform you on any
change and update. Please note as well that you can still send us articles
on any topic you want anytime we will publish it anyway asap !

*JOIN THE CREW ! We are currently looking for three co-opted new members
for the Ecosprinter Board*, for the period from now til the next G.A.
(where there will be new elections) in June 2014.

For more information on the requirements and the volunteering in the
Editorial Board, click
For any question, please contact Marie at marie at fyeg.org.

*Deadline is 25th of February ! *



*marie at fyeg.org <marilou.pochon at gmail.com>*
Fr +00336 52 26 19 41
Tr +00905 53 50 37 43 9
Skype : Leshayah

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