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FYEG received a call for support from the Swiss Greens that we find
relevant to share with you and encourage you to support individually as
well - on the bottom of the

Original email here:

*The Swiss vote "against mass immigration" jeopardizes free movement of
people. The next initiative to curb immigration is already underway. Please
support the Swiss greens and join the "alliance against ecopop and for a
Switzerland open to the world" on **www.gruene.ch* <http://www.gruene.ch>

Sunday the 9th of February was certainly a black day in Swiss history. Voters
have narrowly approved a right-wing proposal to curb immigration. It
imposes limits on the number of foreigners allowed in and may signal an end
to the country's free movement accord with the European Union. The move by
the Swiss People's Party - known for its anti-foreigner and anti-EU agenda
- will see the reintroduction of quotas, as well as a national preference
when filling job vacancies and restrictions of immigrants' rights to social
benefits.   Critically, it also stipulates that Switzerland will have to
renegotiate its bilateral accord with the EU on the free movement of people
within three years or revoke it.
*Successful campaign*

The Swiss greens have led a strong and very visible campaign against the
initiative. The election results also show that the initiative was refused
where greens are strong. Unfortunately we were not strong enough. Most
regions in the German speaking part of Switzerland voted in favour of the
initiative, as did the rural and more conservative regions. They held the
majority. The Europe-friendly French part as well as the big cities - where
immigration is effectively an issue - voted against.

The result had a large echo all over Europe and right wing parties from
many EU member states have sent their congratulations and will now seek to
push for similar legislations.

Switzerland will now have to clarify how it wants to implement this
election result. An initiative is always a change of the constitution.
Legislation will have to be adapted accordingly. Also Europe will have a
say on this result. As free movement of people is at the core of the EU
treaties, we expect this not to pass easily. Already Swiss has been cut off
of the Erasmus and Horizon 2020 programs, negotiations on the electricity
market have been stalled. If we add to this the role of Switzerland in
banking legislation, we do not expect a lot of solidarity from the EU
member states.

*Next step: ecopop*

There is no time to rest. The next popular initiative on immigration is
already *en route*: the federal popular initiative 'Stop overpopulation -
safeguard our natural environment' (ecopop). The popular initiative
foresees imposing a cap on immigration, which would represent a
fundamentally new approach in immigration policy. It proposes that the
permanent population of Switzerland should not increase by more than 0.2
per cent annually as the result of immigration. The initiative also
proposes that at least 10 per cent of federal funds earmarked for
development cooperation should be spent on promoting voluntary family

*We need your support*

The Swiss greens have already started their campaign against this second
xenophobic initiative by launching an alliance for a Switzerland that is
open to the world. This initiative represents a great challenge for greens
as it puts the environment at its centre. We need all the support we can
get. Please help by becoming member of our alliance:

Miriam Behrens, Secretary General and Swiss EGP delegate,
miriam.behrens at gruene.ch

Jean Rossiaud, Swiss EGP delegate, jean.rossiaud at les-idees.ch

<jean.rossiaud at les-idees.ch>
Maria Maggie Dokupilova

Secretary General
*Federation of Young European Greens*


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