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Krassina Demireva krassina at fyeg.org
Sat Feb 15 11:57:33 CET 2014

Dear FYEG friends,

Participatory democracy has always been important for us as Greens, not
only on national, but also on international level. The European citizens'
initiative (ECI) is the first transnational instrument for participatory
democracy, that gives citizens the possibility to initiate a legislation
within the European Union. We are about to learn, if this transnational
instrument will be a toothless tiger, or indeed a way to bring closer
citizens to the decision-making process on European level.

On 17th February in the European parliament it will be held the public
hearing of the first successful to get the signatures ECI - "Water is a
human right" (video <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fQcDDF0f4c>) . FYEG
took very active role in supporting this ECI, so we are looking forward to
hear about the discussions that will take place  that day in the European
parlaiment. The registration for the public hearing is closed, but you can
watch the debate live online
:  (Windows) Over 300 people from across Europe have registered for the
debate in Brussels. You can also comment it through twitter here:
*#right2water* and through Facebook at the right2water
PAGE<https://www.facebook.com/pages/right2water/259222457451652>or our
FYEG ECI facebook
PAGE <https://www.facebook.com/FyegECI>

FYEG will publish a press release for the public hearing on 17th February,
give some online visibility the ECI, and meet the organizers. We strongly
encourage you to share our press release once published, and also show
visibility in our country to the public hearing.

The final response from the European Commission is due by 20 March, just
before World Water Day. From FYEG Water campaign team - we are preparing
more mobilization for the International day of Water 22nd March - and
celebrating the final result of more than 1,6 million of people, who stood
for defending the Water as a human right.

Best Regards,

FYEG Water campaign team
Democracy working group

*Krassina Demireva*

*Federation of Young European Greens*

Cell phone: +359 898566125
Email: krassina at fyeg.org
Twitter: @eDemoKrassi
Web:    www.fyeg.org
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