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Subject: Une couverture pour l'Europe!
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Hello dear friends of ecology!

I'm Cécile and I'm a young green of Strasbourg (France). As you may know,
Strasbourg is an european capital and we are very motivated to make
something special for the european campaign.

Our idea is to make a blanket out of blue wool square (as you can see on
the picture). Why a blanket? Why wool? Because we thought, that it may be a
good idea to ask all the young green association of Europe to send us a
square with they're own manner of knitting. This blanket would be a symbol
of the european slogan: In varietate concordia (united in diversity). We
invite everybody to send us a square with a little text about what means
Europe for you (in english so that everybody can translate it) and your
name (it's the beginning of diversity but also of unity). The best case
scenario would be, that every country of Europe send us one or two square
at least.

We'd like to use the blanket to make picture with our deputies and exhibit
it on Europe day or on every action we do with Europe as thematic. If young
greens of other countries want to use it as well, we could make it travel!

This is my adress in germany (for people in Germany or on the german
boarder, it could be less expensive)
Heidenburgstrasse 47
77933 Lahr im Schwarzwald

and in France:
Simon Baumert
 4 rue de Mutzig
67300 Schiltigheim

Executive Committee Member - Federation of Young European
Jeunes Ecologistes <http://www.jeunes-ecologistes.org/>
Tél (FR): +33761464317
Tél (BE): +32496867435
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