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Thu Feb 6 12:00:04 CET 2014

Dear Green friends

we would like to introduce you to the Green youth campaign that have been
run by the Green Group in the European parliament together with FYEG.

 The youth are being disportionately affected by the current economic
crisis. The high numbers of Youth unemployment creates a situation where
the younger generation seems to be left alone and without perspective. We
want to empower the youth and encourage them to take the future into their
own hands. To demand policies and changes to the system for the benefit of
the youth. We wish to highlight that Green policies and ideologies are the
only way out of this current crisis and the key elelment of a sustianable
future both economically and socially.

FYEG is the external partner to the campaign and carries out the
organisation of the related events. We already organized debates in Athens,
Göteborg, Barcelona, there is London coming this weekend *Prague in March -
call for participants can be found here
-* Brussels in April.

*For more information about the FYEG events, contact darcy at fyeg.org
<darcy at fyeg.org>.*

The campaign belongs to set of campaigns of Greens/EFA. *Today an online
information tool has been launched!*

*www.reclaimyourfuture.eu <http://www.reclaimyourfuture.eu>*

Its aim is to provide campaigners, candidates and green stakeholders with
the information to prepare a speech, a panel or a conference on Youth

The information is divided in 9 topics (youth unemployment, Youth
Guarantee, voice&participation, education&training,
funds&mobility&volunteering, poverty&inclusion, autonomy&emancipation,
housing and - a greener- future) and each topic is structured in 3 parts -
some key numbers, green demands and green successes in the last years at EU

The tool will be available also in FR, DE, ES, EL, PT & IT by the end of
this month. Over the next weeks we'll be uploading all sections with
videos, gadgets and other narratives to reinforce the information presented.

This information tool will only be good if you embrace it and ensure that
it exists at local level*. Feel very welcome to check/join and promote

   -  *Link* to the information tool on your website - using the attached
   button, if you like - and send us please a short email with the link.

   - *The campaig's* facebook page<https://www.facebook.com/reclaimyourfuture>:
   Reclaim your future!

   - *Follow* campaign's Twitter - https://twitter.com/ReclaimYouth

Feel encouraged to post the following text:

*We are launching today the Greens/EFA youth campaign information tool. Do
you know which the situation of youth is today in the EU? What are Greens
standing for on youth issues? What have Greens already achieved in this
field in the last 5 years?*

*Don't hesitate - Reclaim your future! www.reclaimyourfuture.eu

*Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/reclaimyourfuture

*Twitter - https://twitter.com/ReclaimYouth

Guillermo Rodríguez

Youth Campaigner

The Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament
+32 2 28 31098

*and *
Maria Maggie Dokupilova

Secretary General
*Federation of Young European Greens*


+32 (0)2 26 60 72 7
+32 (0)4 95 12 96 01
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