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South China Sea

The complex web of disputes concerning South China Sea may on the surface
appear as regular disputes concerning territory and resources (which isn't
uncommon) but underneath it is underlined by the broader strategic tussles
between two muscular rivals of international politics. While Taiwan,
Philippines Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia have their own issues with each
other, their issues are often overshadowed by the aggressive posturing by
the regional superpower China. China's aggressive expansion in the 20th
century has been an issue to a number of countries in Asia. Japan a key
ally of the US and the west in Asia has decided to beef up its military to
counter the rising threat of Chinese expansionism. Likewise, the burgeoning
economic and military might of China is forcing the South- East Asian
nations to see China as their common enemy. China's is refusal to
participate in a United Nations arbitration process over a territorial
conflict with the Philippines shows possible high handed tactics, which may
add fuel to the fire in terms of a need for unified stance against the
common enemy

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Race to PM- Modi VS Rahul but now 'Kejriwal's thunder' can't be

Social Media and TV channels have truly changed the entire political
landscape of Indian Politics in recent days. It is now palpable truth to
observe that no one can survive arrogantly if his/her legitimacy and
efficiency degrade against public will.  Latest Delhi Election could be the
best example which has put on the limelight, those three major agenda, Good
Governance, Corruption free India and Employment creation.

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