[fyeg_gen-l] Support Terry Reinke candidacy for the European parliament

Krassina Demireva krassina at fyeg.org
Sun Feb 2 13:19:20 CET 2014

Dear FYEG activists,

The Congress of the German Greens will take place in Dresden (7th to 9th
February). Terry Reintke is one of our FYEG supported young candidates, who
will run for the European parliament elections. The most crucial day for
her will be the 8th February, but it already started...

If you would like to support her, we have prepared several ideas for the
social media campaign.

We have prepared several tweets that you can send in the next days.

Europe will be different! #TerryOn #bdk14

Reclaim your future! For a Europe that cares for the young generation!
#TerryOn  #bdk14

Solidarity, Feminism, Diversity for the European Parliament! #TerryOn

A strong voice for young people in the #EP! #TerryOn  #bdk14

We are young, We are Green. We are Europe. @TerryReintke into the

European Parliament! #TerryOn  #bdk14

For strong women's rights in Europe!  #TerryOn  #bdk14

Queer in Europe - @TerryReintke fights for equal rights! #TerryOn  #bdk14

>From street activism to the #EP! #TerryOn  #bdk14

We do not keep calm, we #TerryOn!  #bdk14


Take support pictures (in English or any other language:)) and post them on
facebook tagging Terry Reintke into the European

Like and spread the page "Terry Reintke into the European Parliament".

Share the GRÜNE JUGEND pictures for the #TerryOn campaign. Each day there
is another reason why to vote for Terry.

More about Terry's candidacy you can read on her webpage

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask Krassina:
krassina at fyeg.org

For one Young Green Europe!

*Your FYEG Campaign **Group*

*Krassina Demireva*

*Federation of Young European Greens*

Cell phone: +359 898566125
Email: krassina at fyeg.org
Twitter: @eDemoKrassi
Web:    www.fyeg.org
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