[fyeg_gen-l] 11 October: Take Part in the decentralized Day of Action against TTIP; TiSA and CETA

Michael Bloss michael.j.bloss at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 22:07:50 CEST 2014

Dear Member Organisations, dear Activists of FYEG,

With this email we want to do one thing:


   *We want to ask you to take part in the Decentralised European Day of
   Action against TTIP/TiSA and CETA on the 11 October this year. *

A coalition of many Civil Society Organisations in Europe is calling
this Day of Action for all over Europe. EU Trade Commissioner DeGucht
always dismisses criticism by saying, that most of the EU citizens would be
in favor of the agreement. Lets show him that we are against it and we are

What can you do?


   Inform yourself

      Get some ideas for what TTIP/TISA/CETA are about!

      About Trade in general

      Short info <http://www.fyeg.org/news/stopttip> about TTIP from Jeunes
      Ecologists and FYEG

      Read our resolution from our last General Assembly which is attached
      and you can find it on our website.


   Get in contact with your local networks against TTIP.

      Here  <http://www.bilaterals.org/?les-peuples-l-environnement-et-la>and
      here <http://www.stop-ttip-ceta-tisa.eu/supporting-groups-2/>you can
      find some organisations that are involved in the work against

      Here <http://www.stop-ttip-ceta-tisa.eu/find-an-action-near-you/> you
      can find actions that are already planned (not too many yet, so you can
      create more)


   Plan your own Action

      Engage in your local group to do an action against these trade

      You can use an action that we proposed in the election campaign. Find
      them below under `PS´


   Inform your Members about this Day of Action and ask them to join them

      You could translate this email in your language and send it to your

      You can be much more creative than this boring email :)


   Show us what you did

      We would love to know, if you plan something, please inform us

      If you have pictures from your actions,  we would be happy if you
      could share them with us

These trade agreements are pushing the interests of big business against
our rights. They are not about trade, they are about democracy,
environmental and social standards, privatisation and about global justice.
Lets stop them!

*Note on the general activities:*

Our Executive Committee has just finished its retreat and we came up with
many ideas. As we decided on our General Assembly, we want to use the next
year for a campaign against the upcoming trade agreements, TTIP, CETA, TiSA.
All of these agreements will have terrible impacts on our anyway bad state
of democracy, but there are many more bad aspects to them. The campaign
will consist of two aspects:


   information campaign to get all young greens in Europe well prepared for
   the upcoming debates and struggles;

   collecting signatures to support the European Citicen´s Intiative
   against TTIP and CETA

   occasionally we want to inform you also about common actions of the
   European movement against these Trade agreements.

Thanks for considering taking part in these actions!

*Julia and Micha*

*PS: Here the Action Suggestions*

 Name: No TTIP

Number of people: Large group

Material: 2 (camping) tables, stuff to put on the tables, flyers on TTIP,
information on GMO products, banners, paints

How/What: Place two tables on the streets, on one of them, put a basket
with some local food and some different signs, held up by people saying
“local organic food”, “labour standards”, “consumer’s protection”, Have a
sign “Europe without TTIP”. On the other table there are pictures of GMO
food, and writings like “free banks”, “chlorified chicken”, “infrastructure
privatization” etc. Have the sign “Europe TTIP”. Ask pedestrians, which one
they like more, and give them some flyers/ info material. You can tell them
also about the position of the Greens on TTIP.

TTIP: How low can you go.

Number of People: About 10

Material: one limbo-stick; Music; people dressed as persons involved in
TTIP negotiations. A banner which says “TTIP: How low can you go”


Persons that are involved in the TTIP negotiations (e.g. Obama/Jean Claude
Juncker/Your own Government (if Greens are not in Government :P) hold a
stick on which it is written  one or more of “Environmental Standards;
Social Standards; Democracy”. People dance Limbo and try to go under the
limbo stick. The bad guys are lowing the stick in a way that the ones who
try to dance under it fall. Dont forgot to invite the press; take good
pictures, bring some information material

Find a video
<http://ttip2014.eu/blog-detail/blog/Green%20rally%20summit.html>here we
did the action here
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