[fyeg_gen-l] We are urgently looking for partners for a project

Orsolya Liptay communication at greenacademy.hu
Fri Aug 15 15:59:10 CEST 2014

Dear All,
We are an observer organization of FYEG from Hungary.
We have been the organizers of the Green Summer Academies for 7 years
with prominent guests in the field of green issues and policies,
our website is www.greenacademy.hu for further information.

Currently, we are looking for partners for the next Europe for citizens call.
The aim of our project is to engage young people in democratic
activities, provide them knowledge about sustainibility and about the
EU - but also to hinder the spread of far-right movements.
We have observed for the past few years that the far-right party
obtain more and more young followers by engaging them in various
activities. These are particularly attractive in towns where young
people rarely have other possibilties for entertainment and where
young people feel to have no influence on their own life.
The goal of our project is to propose for young people between the age
of 14 and 17 activities, which help them discover the topics mentioned
above via varied, entertaining methods, but above all our aim is to
create an "EU 2028" ( or the strategy which will follow EU 2020 ) of
their own. They will learn to ask the opinion of their peers and they
will create their own sustainibility or citizenship projects.
We are looking for partners willing to implement such a project. The
deadline of the project call is the 31st of august.
Please, be so kind to forward this call to your mailing lists so that
we can find a partner.

Thank you very much for your kind help and contribution.

Orsolya Liptay
7th Green Summer Academy Hungary

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