[fyeg_gen-l] Summer Camp Ecolojovem - Doors that opened in April to Ecology - 25 years and 40 years of Ecolojovem of April 25

Ecolojovem ecolojovem at osverdes.pt
Wed Aug 13 19:44:46 CEST 2014

Good afternoon,
The Ecolojovem - «Greens» hereby disclose to the FYEG, his camp, which 
will run from 27 to 31 August in the district of Beja, Portugal.
We thank all possible disclosure in your usual channels, as well as with 
the member organizations of the FYEG.
Our thanks now.
Ecologists Regards,
Ecolojovem - 'The Greens'.
 From 27 to 31 August the young ecologists turn to join the summer camp 
Ecolojovem - 'The Green', this time in the district of Beja and under 
the motto "The doors opened in April to Ecology", since this year marks 
the 40th anniversary of April 25 and the 25th anniversary of Ecolojovem.
We intend to discuss and reflect on the importance of the April 
Revolution, its achievements and the changes and progress that brought 
to our society, and the importance of values and ecological principles.
Also be a time of celebration of 25 years of Ecolojovem, along which the 
young ecologists have worked to promote a balanced and sustainable 
ecological society, where it is possible to realize the rights and 
youthful aspirations.
As in previous years will be a cultural, political and playful camp, and 
a space of sharing, encounters and reflection on the world we want, a 
better and more sustainable world without exploitation, without 
oppression and injustice without, with the participation of young people 
from various regions of the country and will feature gatherings, hiking, 
street actions, visits, games, workshops and more.

Ecolojovem - «Os Verdes»
Av. D. Carlos I, n.º 146, 1º DTO
1200-651 LISBOA

Blogue <http://ecolojovem.blogspot.pt/>
Tel: (+351) 21 396 03 08 / 21 396 02 91
Fax: (+351) 21 396 04 24
E-mail:ecolojovem at osverdes.pt
Site:www.osverdes.pt <www.osverdes.pt>

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