[fyeg_gen-l] Call for Articles Human Rights Day 10th of December

Marc Buschlüter mabuschlueter at web.de
Thu Nov 28 23:01:07 CET 2013

Call For articles/ papers for the international Human Rights Day on the 
10th of December
Poor persons beeing lured to central europe to do cheap labour under 
inhuman conditions. Innocent humans shot by drones from above for beeing 
"terrorists". Aboriginal people beeing robbed of their land or to build 
food and energy crops for the global north. Jobs beeing created by the 
production of weapons that bring death and destruction to the rest of 
the world.
Human rights are held up high by us, but do we really live them? What 
can be done by all of us to help bringing Human rights and Global 
justice forward? What's the origin and the history of human rights? 
What's kind of relation do different religions or countries have to 
human rights?
What do you have to say about human rights? The Working Group on Global 
Justice FYEG (federation of Young European Greens) wants to give you a 
platform to share your knowledge, opinions, activities and ideas for 
actions on this topic. Or whatever else you'd like to share with us. The 
10th of December is the international Human Rights Day. Beginning at 
this Day we will publicate one of your articles every day. The more 
people of you send us articles or papers, the better. So send us your 
contributions till the 7th of December. We look forward to your ideas :-)
Just send your articles to mabuschlueter at web.de
Your Global Justice Working Group :-)

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