[fyeg_gen-l] Press Release: Federation of Young European Greens start 'Reclaim Your Future' Campaign

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"Reclaim Your Future" -  The Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG)
launches its Campaign on Youth:

'Reclaim your future!' is the compelling message today as the Federation of
Young European Greens launch their first in a series of youth seminars as
part of their campaign on youth.The aim of the campaign is to apply
pressure and offer ideas and solutions to the European Parliament on ways
to tackle the current crisis which is unproportionally effecting todays

Michael Bloss, male spokesperson of FYEG states: 'With our 'Reclaim Your
Future' campaign, we are calling upon our fellow youth throughout Europe to
no longer accept the conditions forced upon us by politicians and
institutions. We want to give the neglected youth of Europe a voice and to
use this voice to press policy makers to implement and improve the Youth
Guarantee so it becomes a stepping stone towards a brighter future for my
fellow generation."

A series of debates connected to the seminars will be held in various
locations throughout Europe such as Athens, Gothenburg , Barcelona, London,
Prague and Brussels. They will host a number of Youth Organisations, Young
Green Organisation as well as MEP's and MPs.

Krassina Demireva, female spokesperson, says "These seminars offer a unique
chance for the youth of Europe to come together and exchange their
experiences. It gives them a medium to communicate their thoughts and
solutions on the measures we think should be taken to lift us from this
crisis. More importantly, it is a chance for young people to speak to the
politicians who will ultimately decided our future and demand that they
make us a top priority after elections."

During the 'Reclaim Your Future' Campaign, FYEG will assemble demands  from
the participates throughout Europe .These demands will directly feed onto
the 'Youth Manifesto' which will later on be presented to the future MEP's.
This powerful document will take into consideration the different
situations from young people all over Europe and is a vital tool for those
MEP's who want to make real positive changes to the lives of the current
youth of Europe.

For more information, please contact Michael Bloss: michael.bloss at fyeg.org,
+49 17697533999


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