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Call for Articles: International Migrants Day 18th of December

boat with refugees tries to reach Lampedusa (Italy); miles away a family
decides to emigrate to Canada; their neighbour just migrated from
Portugal to Paris. People have been on the move for centuries. Some have
been success stories, others unfortunately not, because of obstacles,
bad luck, or political decisions. We as the FYEG WORKING GROUP ON
MIGRATION, CULTURE AND IDENTITY would like to raise awareness on
migration in all its aspects. 

 On the 18th of December it is
INTERNATIONAL MIGRANTS DAY: A perfect time for awareness raising! 
this we need you! We therefore ask you to write and send us small
articles, opinion pieces, and other related contributions, which will be
published on our blog and the Ecosprinter starting on the 18th December.
You can for instance write about the situation of the migrants and/or
refugees in your country, have an interview with someone who migrated or
how your member organisation approaches this topic.

The deadline is
15th of December. Your contribution should be not more than 750 words
and can be send to bart at dwars.org. And if you have a picture under
creative commons license, it is also more than welcome. 

WHAT: Call for
articles about migration 
WHEN: Deadline 15th of December 
bart at dwars.org 

We are looking forward to your articles and of course
answer any question you have,
 best regards 
 Your FYEG Working Group on
Migration, Culture and Identity

"Hinter all diesen fenstern sitzen
Du hast es immer geahnt,
Dass sie es wert sind zu bleiben
bist den ganzen weg gerannt."
Tomte - Du bist den ganzen Weg

Mobile: 0049 1577 47 34 671

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