[fyeg_gen-l] Young European Greens join solidarity fasting at the Climate Negotiations in Warsaw - PR from the Federation of Young European Greens

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Wed Nov 13 08:54:25 CET 2013

Press Release by the Federation of Young European Greens

Young European Greens join solidarity fasting at the Climate Negotiations
in Warsaw

The Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) is present at the current
Climate Change negotiations in Warsaw.  Although we have not seen a great
initiative so far from the Polish Presidency, we still hope for a change
towards something better! Moreover, Shenna Sánchez, our activist and COP19
delegate in Warsaw, decided to join a fast in solidarity with other
delegates and activists following the example set by the official Filipino
negotiator, Yeb Sano.

Shenna Sanchez, said, “I will be fasting during COP19  together with some
of delegates, who are in solidarity with my fellow Filipinos, horrified by
this tragic loss. I would like to express my discontent and grieving
through this fast. The failure of previous COPs to address both mitigation
and adaptation strategies is to blame for the climate-induced disasters
wrecking mainly the Global South. Disasters are not purely  "natural",
Human beings are also responsible for them . Lack of action has not only
resulted in socio-economic losses, but the devastating loss of hundreds of
thousands of lives. The fast is planned to continue until parties commit
themselves, and contribute to genuine mitigation as well as adaptation
measures e.g. GCF and to scale-up the long-term finance towards 2020.”

Krassina Demireva, Co-Spokesperson of FYEG says: "We stand in solidarity
with the Filipinos in the wake of the tragedy caused by Supertyphoon Haiyan
in the Philippines.  We cannot understand the positions of some states,
which are unable  to move forward on climate negotiations. We demand that
all parties  immediately sign up to concrete pledges to ensure carbon
emissions are reduced - as well as agreeing to pay out the pledged amount
to climate finance related to the concept of 'loss and damage'."
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