[fyeg_gen-l] URGENT Global Day of Action for the Eradication of Poverty

Michael Bloss michael.j.bloss at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 18:57:32 CEST 2012

Dear Friends,

the 17th of October marks a remarkable day, it was chosen to be the UN day
for the eradication of poverty. Poverty has become a feature of the
mainstream media and of the everyday live. Most politicians scandalise the
existence of poverty and celebrities marketise on their displayed fight
against poverty. However poverty is severe and deadly, it disempowers
people, deprives them of their basic human rights and destroys dignity.
Poverty is a weapon of mass destruction threatening over one billion
people. On the 17th of October, we want to bring this issue on the table of
the media, not appealing to the pity of the people but demanding justice
for those whose human rights get disappropriated. Therefore we strongly
urge you to conduct as many actions as possible on the local level.

We worked hard the last months in order to create the action reader that is
attached. In this reader we explain how to conduct an action that draws a
lot of attention to the topic of global poverty. There are different foci
of the action: It can be geared towards the topic of gender, climate
change, sustainability or global justice. All actions are proposed in a way
to create massive attention in order to create awareness. PLEASE read
through the reader, it will give you a lot foot for thoughts.


ACTION,ACTION,ACTION - in short, we urge you to conduct a action on the
17th of October at best using the  proposed actions from the reader. PLEASE
also distribute the reader massively to your local brances, since it is the
local level that should conduct the ACTION (I hope it was clear :-)

If you conduct an action, keep in mind that we do not only have the reader,
but we have also developed different logos and a draft press release. All
can be found on the website:

Right, there is nothing more to be said except for: *ON THE 17TH OF OCTOBER
*you should conduct an *ACTION* from the attached *READER*- End Global
Poverty - Fight the roots of it!

Thanks you very much,

PS: join us as well on facebook:
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