[fyeg_gen-l] Migration Working Group needs your support for European Day Of Languages :)

norma tiedemann normat at gmx.de
Thu Sep 20 17:24:50 CEST 2012

*On September 26th, the European Day of Languages will take place and 
the working group*
*migration, culture and identity wants to celebrate this with you :)

Je t'aime...sorry, what did you say? - a flirting/getting in contact - 

Who of you did not experience a situation where you were missing words 
to express yourself?
This is absolutely great! However, if you want to get out of this 
situation, something is required.
*Language! *
Even though there exist 225 indigenous languages Europe-wide (ca 7000 
worldwide), we are far
from the capacity to learn all of them. However, it is beneficial to you 
to learn other language(s).
Besides being able to read this text.
There is no need to know language perfectly. Even more, mistakes can 
cause unintended sympathy,
lead to spontaneous laugh - or you have to discover a city a little 
longer. When diversity of cultures
and languages is right in front of your door or you are abroad, language 
can be a competitive edge,
but definitely is the key to open hearts. However, your help is needed! 
Still, the hearts are closed. *
Help us to gather as many heart openers **and flirt speeches in your 
language as possible! *Don't be shy ;)

*What to do?*

  * Make a photo of yourself
  *   Write your heart opener/flirt speech/getting in contact phrase +
    translation in English &language used below the photo
  * Send it to: norma.tiedemann at gruene-jugend.de

*What follows?*
On September 26th, the European Day of Languages, we will publish the 
photos on our newly
created bloghttp://migrationcultureidentity.wordpress.com/.
Therewith, you will have the opportunity to learn from many other people!

In case you still have no idea, what we want you to do, we attached you 
an example of how it might look,
but don't hesitate to live out your creativity!

*With warm regards,*
your migration, culture and identity - working group :)

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