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Below follows a call for more more participants to the FYEG working groups.
Only the groups who are not yet full are in the call.




*About the Working Groups*

The FYEG Working Groups are a combination between think tanks, campaign
groups and research networks. The groups do everything from research on
their topic and internal political discussions to writing articles, doing
online campaigns and preparing actions those member organizations can do.
Some groups are also involved in organizing FYEG seminars, workshops or

Most groups meet every second or third week on Skype to discuss current
issues and projects.  In between this meeting communication takes place
through email, dropbox, google documents, different forms of pads etc. The
workload varies very much between different groups but also depends on your
own ambition and power of initiative.

You don’t have to be an expert on an issue to join a working group. The
most important thing is that you’re interested in the topic and are willing
to devote some time and energy.

* *

*How to apply*

 You apply to a working group by sending an email to the coordinators of
the group that interests you. You can find these emails together with the
descriptions below.

The email should include:

   - ·         *Contact information*

o   Name

o   Email

o   Mobile number (including country number)

o   Skype username

   - ·         *A short motivation letter* (maximum half a page) were you
   write why you are interested in this topic and how you think you can

   - ·         *An attached recommendation letter* from a member
   organization of the FYEG. If you are not active in a member organization
   yet you can find the member organization of your country here:

* *


If you have any questions about a specific group it’s best to email the
coordinators of that group. If you have any general questions about the
working groups, or about the application procedure, feel free to email
krassina! krassina at fyeg.org


* *

*Mobility and Transport Working Group*

 The Mobility and Transport WG has been founded at the GA in Barcelona in
2012. We have 3 coordinators: Jenni (jenni.stenman at iki.fi), Toni (
antoni.penafiel at gmail.com) and Paul (paul at jonkgreng.org).

The Mobility and Transport WG will focus on the creation of a political
paper on the improvement of future railways. This paper will serve as the
basis for future FYEG activities on this topic.

Furthemore we will be working on mobility related topics. Do the EU needs
Megatrucks? How will an increased cargo sea transport effect our marine
ecosystem? What's the future of european high speed railways?

If you want to contribute in any form you are free to get in touch with one
of the coordinators.



*Global Justice Working Group*

Our working group is about more than just Europe: we deal with the
relations between Europe and other actors, the impact European policies
have on the Global South and how young Greens can contribute to protecting
human dignity.

As part of our work, we organise the spring conference on European
Development Policies, cooperate with the Global Young Greens, discuss
current affairs with Members of the European Parliament, coordinate a
campaign on microfinance, and produce publications to raise awareness about
the injustices around the world.

If global affairs are your thing, then make yourself heard and work towards
a more just future by joining our group.

Telemaque: mr.telemaque at gmail.com
Maiju: maiju.tuulia.turunen at gmail.com
Razvan: razvan.sandru at gmail.com

*Regionalism Working Group
We are planning this year to create a platform about regionalism that are
on the standards with FYEG-ideology. How to find the balance between
anti-nationalism and pro-regionalism? Do you want to be a part of this
challenge? I know you do, so sign up!

Maarten: maarten.luc at gmail.com

*Migration, Culture and Identity working group*

Our working group will use the upcoming months to build a strong team
spirit using new communicational tools (like setting up a blog for own
thoughts and articles), debate current topics, develop ideas for small
(online and offline) actions and work on policy papers. With these
activities we want to enhance FYEG's position on migration and culture
related issues. A concrete outcome will hopefully be the finalization of a
project application which will enable us to organise a Study Session in
Budapest on the interconnections of Human Rights and the situation of young
migrants and refugees in Europe. We meet regularly on skype and communicate
as well via the email list. As our composition of members is at the moment
not really geographically balanced, we are especially looking forward to
new members from more Eastern and Southern regions of Europe.

If you have any questions about this working group, contact Gina (
gina.arvai at googlemail.com) or Norma (normat at gmx.de)

*Digital Rights Working Group*

“[Internet is] an empowering thing for humanity to be connected at high
speed and without borders,” Tim Berners-Lee reflecting on the role of the
Internet in the Arab Spring. Is this so life changing for us that our
society should think about as a human right? It's the main question of the
Digital Rights Working Group for this year.

The Working group on Digital rights will of course continue networking with
the European Green Party Working Group on digital rights and the European
Youth Forum’s expert group on new media and internet governance regarding
the following topics: Intellectual Property, Net Neutrality, Online Privacy
and e-Participation. We are looking for experience green geeks as well as
young greens who are new to the topic.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the WG coordinators
anna.kakalashvili at gmail.com and s.heinze at gmail.com.

* *

*Peace Working Group


This year the working group on peace is going to focus on two main issues
dealt by subgroups: The Israel-Palestine conflict and the problem of
international arms trade.
The Israel-Palestine conflict is possibly the most complex conflict in the
entire world. Therefore the first subgroup wants to look particularly
critical at the contradictory perspectives of different parties in order to
avoid a biased viewpoint in discussions. We want to promote a better
understanding and push for solutions thinkable by young people from all
sides. Our pursued goal is sustainable peace and the mitigation of violence.

This is also the focus of the work of the arms trade subgroup. We are
following the failure and discussing the future of the Arms Trade Treaty
attentively. With the contribution of experts and activists from think
tanks and political organizations across Europe, we are conducting research
on armaments, trading regimes and current crisis. There is a lot of space
for norm debate in our work, e.g. as concerns the Responsibility to Protect
and human rights protection. We are planning an online campaign to raise
awareness of the connection between arms trade and everyday issues such as
the economic and financial crisis as well as the outbreak and development
of violent conflict.

If you want to contribute to this group and join with you personal ideas
and interests, we are happy to welcome you! Don't hesitate to send an email
to the group co-ordinators

Jeroni: jeroni.vergeer[at]gmail.com

Malte: malte.roos1994 at gmail.com

*Democracy Working group*

The Democracy Working group's members are trying to implement further a lot
of their activities from the  previous year. Its members keep promoting the
European Citizens’  Initiative (ECI) as the first transnational instrument
for participatory democracy. Right now the democracy members are trying to
invlove FYEG in the Water campaign, which demands that water should be a
human right and it is against the liberalisation of water services.

A priority for the Democracy working group is also the organization of the
FYEG winter camp 2013, which will take place in Finland and is focused on
the topic of the European democracy, the consequences of the Euro-crisis
and the future of Europe. Other possible discussion topics inside the
working  group will be the improvement of the internal communication inside
of FYEG by testing the software programme Liquid Feedback, as well as
encouraging discussion about the negative impact of nationalism and racism.

If you are interested in joining the Democracy working group, please
contact its coordinators

Anna Hogendoorn: a27-05-1992 at hotmail.co

Maximilian Jermies: max at fyeg.org

*Green Economy Working group


The world is finite, our ideas are not! The Working Group on Green Economy
is aiming to further develop the thinking of FYEG on ways to radically
transform our economy  towards social and ecological sustainability. While
this question has long been the topic for numerous debates in academic,
policy and activist circles, this WG is the occasion to develop our own
understanding of what a sustainability transformation entails.

What do we think of the Green New Deal as proposed by the European Greens?
Can we, as young people bring something special to the debate?
Born European citizens and digital natives, we should think outside of the
box! So let's brainstorm, and come up with some fresh perpectives and fun

For contact: Adrien : adrienlabaeye at gmail.com (FYEG in topic please :) )
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