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Wed Sep 12 13:00:30 CEST 2012

Dear activists, dear Friends from EcoloJ and Jong Groen, Young Friends of the Earth Europe!

Please have a look at this call for an action at the Parliament and send it to your activists!

Best wishes, 

Dear friends,

Next week, both the ITRE and ENVI committees of the European Parliament will vote on their respective shale gas reports ( the environmental impacts of shale gas ; industrial and energy dimensions of shale gas. Plenary votes should take place in October.
Together with the NGOs and the EGP we have created material (videos and leaflets) against shale gas and thought about organising an action on Tuesday 18th september on Rue Wiertz (steps) from 2 to 2.30 pm
Due to several other commitments the NGOs will not be able to bring many colleagues and we would need your participation to make this action a sucess: in total, 20 people are needed
The action will be the following:
- People will have to be dressed in black and white to look like waitress
- Everyone will be given a glass of dirty water and will be asked to hold it (in silence)
- Poeple at the front will hold a banner saying 'stop the propaganda')
- The representatives of NGOs (and the MEPs who wish to participate to the action) will hold a tray and distribute dirty water to the people who will pass by and distribute our leaflets
If you can make it, (think about the nice picture and videos that we will have afterwards and that we will be able to re-use for our comm purposes) please fill in the doodle link so we know how many people will be present
Thanks in advance to the one who will volunteer ;)


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