[fyeg_gen-l] Press Release: FYEG Action on Pussy Riot, 3rd September

Terry Reintke terrytasse at aol.com
Mon Sep 3 09:25:29 CEST 2012

Greens show solidarity with members of the band "Pussy Riot"

The Federation of Young European Greens will organise an action
protesting the recent sentences against the three members of the band
Pussy Riot in Russia supported by Ulrike Lunacek, Franziska Brantner and
Raul Romeva, Green Members of the European Parliament.

On August 17, three members of the Russian punk band Pussy Riot were
each jailed for two years after being found guilty of hooliganism
following their performance of a Feminist anti-Putin song in the Moscow
orthodox church cathedral. This sentence is disproportionate and a clear
demonstration of the suppression of basic fundamental freedoms. It
neglects the states duty to respect any critical voice and used this
event to send a clear message of intimidation to all dissenters.
While these three women have captured international attention, it is
important to recognise and support the many other individual acts of
expression in Russia that have been curtailed by the state. Freedom of
speech cannot be limited to those that gather media, artistic or
political support. The European Parliament have shown several times in
resolutions its commitment to protect the right to non-violent protest
and self-expression at every level.
The trio are now appealing the sentence and this is another opportunity
for the Russian system to show a capacity for level-headed treatment of
a minor offense and the immediate release three women with time served.

The action will take place on Monday, the 3rd of September, in front of
the Russian embassy in Brussels, Avenue De Fré, Uccle, Brussels, at
11:30 am.

Terry Reintke

Co-Spokesperson Federation of Young European Greens

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