[fyeg_gen-l] Europe united against Fascism!

Terry Reintke terrytasse at aol.com
Mon Feb 13 08:30:23 CET 2012

"Europe united against Fascism!

The Federation of Young European Greens, Ostra Zielen from Poland, Mladi 
Zeleni from the Czech Republic, Junge Grüne/Junge Alternative from 
Austria and Grüne Jugend from Germany are taking action together in 
response to the Nazi demonstrations that are due to take place in 
Dresden, Germany in February.

For the third year in a row, the Nazis will march in Dresden in order to 
spread their propaganda about the Second World War while pretending to 
be commemorating the bombings of Dresden in February 1945. These Nazi 
activities are a threat to the peaceful co-existence of people in Europe 
and thus need to be fought against!

Sina Doughan, Co-Spokesperson of Grüne Jugend, commented on the call for 
action: "Together with our European friends we are again standing up 
against the Nazis and their disgustingly misleading interpretation of 
history. The last years have shown that resistance is possible and that 
we can prevent the Nazis from marching if we act together."

Kasia Dmochowska, Co-President of Ostra Zielen, added: "Poland is one of 
the European countries that suffered the most from the Nazi regime and 
the German aggression. More than 2,5 Million Polish Jews alone were 
deported and killed during the Holocaust. Today we rise up against the 
new upcoming racist and xenophobic movements in Europe. We have to stay 

Additionally, Tomás Kr(emen, spokesperson of Mladi Zeleni, said: "For us 
it is a strong sign of solidarity that we are blocking the Nazi 
demonstrations together with young people from all over Europe, but 
especially from Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic. This shows that 
we are overcoming national boundaries and headind towards a common 
European identity that opposes xenophobia, sexism and racism!"

Maria Kaltenbrunner, spokesperson of Junge Grüne/Junge Alternative, 
pointed out: "The Austrian society has still not overcome their history 
in the NS times. We are supporting the protest movements in order to 
build a multicultural, anti-racist European future!"

Terry Reintke, Co-Spokesperson of FYEG, concluded: "We cannot let the 
Nazis deny the responsibility of Hitler-Germany for the bombings of 
Dresden. That is why we are fighting together against the victimisation 
of Germany. Nazi-Germany was the aggressor in the Second World War and 
committed the most vicious crimes in human history."

We as European anti-fascist Youth organisations call to support the 
broad alliance "Dresden Nazifrei!" ("Dresden free of Nazis!") and to 
take part in peaceful forms of protest and other political activities 
that are going to take place in Dresden. We stand for a united, 
colourful and non-violent protest against the Nazi propaganda!"

Terry Reintke
FYEG Co-Spokesperson

Federation of Young European Greens
31 rue Wiertz
Brussels, Belgium 1050

+32 (0)2 62 60 72 7

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