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Dear Green friends,

Belgrade Pride 2011 will be organized on 2nd of October. One would say that
after last year and all the problems that organizers, participants and
officials faced this year Pride will be nice gathering where we will all
celebrity diversity and human freedoms. However, seems like this year we are
starting from the same point, if not even several steps behind.

Organizers of Pride are working very hard and they took huge
responsibilities on their shoulders. Oppressed by society, with restricted
access to media and public all actions are taken in very short time.
Therefore we are kindly asking you to send your letters of support to
sekretarijat at parada.rs and if you are able maybe to join pride on 2nd of
October. We are aware of the fact that this is just in few days but still
some of you might be able to join us.

Press realize: Belgrade Pride 2011

Serbian Green Youth stands for human rights as basic element of fair and
democratic society. Problem of one is problem of all and endangered rights
of certain group means that society as whole is endangered.  Therefore, we
would like to express our deepest solidarity with LGBTQ population and their
fight for inclusive and open society.

Pride is form of civil protest, which meets all legal and legitimate norms,
and as such it organization cannot be interrogated at any time. Bringing
into question the implementation of such an event is unacceptable and
against the law. Pride is very important method that strives for
visualization of LGBTQ community and urge for fulfillment of basic human
rights. It is very important step towards open society and fight against
sexual discrimination, homophobia and violence.

We strongly condemn society and government that are hiding behind phrases
that society is not ready for Pride and sexual freedoms and there are much
more urgent problems to solve. There are no more urgent problems than human
rights and we need to start solving problems from the moment we become aware
of them. No one has right to prioritize human rights and decide who’s
freedoms should wait for right moment to become true.

All institutions, person or organizations that have wide social influence
must not support or encourage violence and intolerance. Furthermore, we urge
for them to use their influence and call for support to Pride and
solidarity, respect and openness. Institutions that are responsible for
security and safety must not capitulate under pressure and must keep
precaution measures on highest level as same as on Pride itself.

Next to that, Serbian Young Greens urge for all political parties to express
their standpoint on this issue. Next year is election year and if we are
going to vote someone to represent us and defend our opinions it is highly
important to know which standpoints are the current political parties
taking. Also, we are bothered by constant public performances of our
politicians speaking in their own name and not in the name of parties or
positions that they are holding. This is just illustrating despotism and
political non professionalism of the once ruling the country.

Serbian Young Greens are calling all their members to join and support
Belgrade Pride 2011 and all citizens of Serbia to meet people that they live
with, to face their fears and prejudices and give personal example and
contribution to Serbia as country that care, accept and keep diviersity.
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