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Huhu everyone,

maybe someone from you is interested?



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Von: 	ALBRECHT Jan Philipp <jan.albrecht at europarl.europa.eu>
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An: 	ALBRECHT Jan Philipp <jan.albrecht at europarl.europa.eu>

Dear friends,

Together with Jan Philipp Albrecht, MeP, I would like to start a new 
project for Israel.

At the moment it is just a good idea which will develop in time.

We want to create a platform for young people from Israel and the 
European Union to share opinions and eventually to find solutions for 
the Middle East conflict. The exchange of young people from Israel and 
young people from Europe is important and needs to be further promoted. 
Along with student exchange programs and travel between Israel and 
Europe, it is important to also include a platform for common exchange 
of opinions and ideas.

Specifically, this platform will take the form of an online medium. 
Possibilities include a homepage, a blog or a group on Facebook. It 
would be a stable, long-term project available to all young people in 
Israel and the EU, which should include low threshold. The aim will be 
to share news, ideas, suggestions, opinions and statements on the 
situation in the Middle East, particularly conflict between Israel and 

This platform is aimed to all young people from Israel and the EU who 
would like to discuss with each other. Also, associations and other 
political groups are welcome. Furthermore we are looking for people who 
have the desire to assist in creating and maintaining a blog or a homepage.

If you like our idea, we would be pleased to have your support. I look 
forward to your feedback! Feel free to forward this mail to people who 
are interested.

Best Wishes

Jennifer Broocks

Jan Philipp Albrecht
Mitglied des Europäischen Parlaments / Member of European Parliament
Ausschuss für bürgerliche Freiheiten / Civil Liberties Committee
Rechtsausschuss / Legal Affairs Committee
European Parliament
ASP 08 H 246
Rue Wiertz 60
B-1047 Brussels
Tel : +32 2 28 4 50 60
Fax : +32 2 28 4 90 60
jan.albrecht at europarl.europa.eu 
<blocked::mailto:jan.albrecht at europarl.europa.eu>
http://www.janalbrecht.eu <blocked::http://www.janalbrecht.eu/>
http://twitter.com/janalbrecht <blocked::http://twitter.com/janalbrecht>
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