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Seeking Applications for the Global Zero London Institute and the Global
Zero World Summit, 19 - 23 of June 2011

Do you:

*	Currently study at a university and have an interest in
international affairs/security politics/nuclear weapons?
*	Like to travel and want to meet and exchange ideas with some of the
smartest and most innovative students from universities around the world?
*	Want the chance to meet world  leaders in person and sit in on some
mind blowing high-level conversations about how to reduce and eventually
eliminate nuclear weapons?
*	Want to pursue a career in peace and security, the NGO sector, or
international diplomacy ?
*	Want to become part of an international movement consisting of more
than 200 world leaders, civil society organizations, and student chapters
around the world? 
*	Have a desire to learn more about social entrepreneurship and
participate in advocacy, media, and campaigning workshops led by expert
practitioners and get firsthand experience of how the non-profit sector
*	Want to learn more about how film and social media can affect change
in the world?

 then apply for the Global Zero Student Program 2011!

The Global Zero Student Program:

Global Zero, an international movement to eliminate nuclear weapons, is
looking for a select group of smart, savvy and entrepreneurial university
students from around the world to participate in a nine-month program,
running from June 2011 to February 2012.  The program requires one week’s
commitment in June (all travel expenses to London paid)  and then 3-8  hrs
per week on average for the duration of the program. The Program begins with
the Global Zero London Institute and the Global Zero World Summit this
coming June. You will work alongside other top-tier students and world
leaders to continue building momentum for Global Zero. During the following
nine months you will work on amplifying Global Zero’s public campaign
efforts at the local level and organize events in your city, such as a
Countdown to Zero film screening or an event focusing on the upcoming
campaign addressing the cost of nuclear weapons, and you will work with
Global Zero staff members to your craft your own ideas. 

This program is a unique experience for a small group of students.  Students
who attended the Global Zero Summit in 2010 have had amazing opportunities
such as: meeting their elected representatives,   interviewing  world
leaders, celebrities, and civil society leaders; bringing speakers to their
universities, writing newspaper articles and blog posts.  Most recently 10
of Global Zero’s student leaders met UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.  The
Student program has also served as a stepping stone for people looking for
their first job. Some former Global Zero Student Leaders are currently
working for Global Zero  and many have landed posts in other NGOs and
government agencies. 

London Institute 2011 (19 -21 June)

During the London Institute you will participate in workshops on student
organizing and strategic planning, receive policy training, have discussions
with leading experts, introduce your projects and connect with fellow
students from around the world and the Global Zero team.

Global Zero World Summit 2011, London (22-23 June)

After the Institute you will attend the 3rd Global Zero Summit, where 100
world leaders will come together to launch Global Zero’s three-year
campaign, which aims to bring all nuclear weapon countries to the table to
negotiate multilateral nuclear arms reductions for the first time in
history. The two-day summit will include discussions on Global Zero’s plan
for multilateral negotiations and its political and public outreach
strategy, a presentation by student leaders, briefing with senior government
officials, a press conference and a screening of Countdown to Zero, the film
produced in collaboration with the team behind An Inconvenient Truth. (For
more information on last year’s summit: GZ Summit :

After the Summit: 

After the summit you will return home and remain in touch with your fellow
students to organize events and promote Global Zero locally in concert with
the global campaign. To do this you will have support from Global Zero staff
around the world and access to a wide range of Global Zero resources. In the
spring of 2012, selected students will have the chance to present the
outcome of their projects. All students who successfully complete program
requirements will receive a certificate for your participation in the GZ
Student Program, and have the opportunity for deeper involvement as part of
the ongoing national campaigns. 

Costs/Expenditures: Global Zero covers your travel costs and accommodation.

Application Process: 

Only a small group of applicants who have demonstrated commitment to the
mission of Global Zero as well as potential to be strategic movement
organizers will be selected.                      

Deadline: Applications are to be submitted via email latest by 22 May 2011.
(Any applicants needing a visa to travel to the United Kingdom please submit
application by May 13)


1) CV/Resume (Max. 2 pages)
2) Letter of Interest: Why you want to participate in the program (Max. 1
3) Project Proposal: Explain how you want to organize for Global Zero at
your university/city/organization (Max. 2 pages) 

Please email your complete application to:   <mailto:apply at globalzero.org>
apply at globalzero.org

Who we are - Global Zero Campaign

Since its launch by 100 political, military, business, civic and faith
leaders in Paris in December 2008, the Global Zero movement has become the
leading international effort for the elimination of nuclear weapons – and
has been instrumental in building the political consensus necessary to
achieve it.

Global Zero leaders believe that whatever deterrent value nuclear weapons
had during the Cold War is now outweighed by the dangers of proliferation
and nuclear terrorism – and that the only way to eliminate these urgent
threats is to eliminate all nuclear weapons worldwide.

The movement combines grassroots and media outreach, cutting-edge policy
analysis and direct dialogue with governments to make the elimination of
nuclear weapons an urgent global imperative and to bring all nuclear weapons
countries to the table to negotiate the phased reduction of arsenals to

In just two years, Global Zero has grown to 300 leaders and 400,000 citizens
worldwide; developed a step-by-step plan for eliminating nuclear weapons;
convened two Global Zero Summits; established 75 university and high school
chapters in eight countries; generated media coverage worth over $50 million
in advertising value; produced Countdown to Zero, a major theatrical film on
the nuclear threat, with the team behind An Inconvenient Truth; and engaged
more than 100 organizations and celebrities in the movement.

Political support for Global Zero has grown quickly. In 2009-2010, US
President Barack Obama, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and UN
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon endorsed the Global Zero movement, Presidents
Obama and Medvedev negotiated the New START Treaty, and the UN Security
Council adopted a resolution calling for the elimination of nuclear weapons.

Global Zero has built an international student network, recruiting and
training top-tier student leaders, convening international student
conferences and establishing Global Zero chapters on 75 campuses in eight
countries – with new chapters starting every month. The international
student movement was launched at the 2010 Global Zero Summit by 31 Global
Zero student leaders from Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India,
Israel, Japan, Pakistan, Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United

 <http://www.globalzero.org/> www.globalzero.org


Marion Doßner 
Global Zero - Germany (Berlin)
Email: mdossner at globalzero.org
GLOBAL ZERO - A World Without Nuclear Weapons 
 <http://www.globalzero.org/> www.globalzero.org

 <http://facebook.com/globalzero> facebook.com/globalzero |
<http://twitter.com/globalzero> twitter.com/globalzero |
<http://globalzero.tumblr.com/> globalzero.tumblr.com




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