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Welcome to the latest installment of news from the European Greens in
Brussels and from green parties around Europe

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Historical breakthrough for Greens in
 Greens in Malta support sufferers of

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 Lamberts warns against instrumentalisation of refugee situation following
Arab Spring<https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&view=js&name=main,tlist&ver=a2t6zC9prX0.fr.&am=!U_ib0WJURaarQv3hQuM-IrAZJuPnirTUoALi8RPAzxUXrp-v1wLUAks97v4&fri=6564e865d91bbe0c0277043f9e4b1dbf#12fe97f329b54f45_Lamberts>
 Still time to register for the Green Local Councillors Meeting in

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Bluefin tuna fishery must be closed due to conflict in
 Joint lobbyist register a step in the right direction but still a work in

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Young Greens meet to discuss what Social Europe means to
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Success in England and Northern Ireland proves Greens are now seen as a real
alternative in the
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Green European Foundation launches 'other language' publications section on
its website<https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&view=js&name=main,tlist&ver=a2t6zC9prX0.fr.&am=!U_ib0WJURaarQv3hQuM-IrAZJuPnirTUoALi8RPAzxUXrp-v1wLUAks97v4&fri=6564e865d91bbe0c0277043f9e4b1dbf#12fe97f329b54f45_GEF>
   [image: end]      Germany Historical breakthrough for Greens in

Yesterday, May 12th, Winfried Kretschmann was officially sworn in as
Minister-President of Baden-Württemberg at the Landtag in Stuttgart, a first
in the country's history. Kretschmann has been a green activist for over 30
years, and was one of the founding members of the Baden-Württemberg section
of the German Green Party.

The European Greens warmly congratulate the Greens of Baden-Württemberg who
achieved their best ever result at the recent state elections. Following the
polling of March 27 this year, the Green Party formed a coalition government
with the social democratic party. The Greens emerged with a slight advantage
however, which has enabled a Green to become Minister-President of a state
for the first time.

This important breakthrough for Greens in Germany's 3rd largest state is a
further sign of the momentum currently being enjoyed by the party. It has
also seen a surge in its membership, which currently stands at around

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  Press release On ME awareness day AD reiterates its support of persons
with ME

Commenting on the international day on awareness of ME (Myalgic
Encephalomyelitis), Alternattiva Demokratika - The Green Party reiterated
its support of the call of ME activists in Malta for recognition of their
condition as a disability.

Claire Azzopardi Lane, AD spokesperson for Disability Issues, said that "AD
supports the appeal so that persons with ME can be recognised by Malta's
social policy structures. Support from health and social services should
verify the situation of the individual so as to provide the sufficient level
of support required to each individual".

"AD also calls on the government, which last year banned blood donations
from persons with ME, to allocate funds for appropriate education and
training of doctors and other health care professionals that would enable
them to diagnose persons with ME at an early stage and advise them on
appropriate forms of health management. Persons with ME should also get the
same support and access in cross-border care as is given to persons with
other conditions for which treatment is not available locally."

Michael Briguglio, AD Chairperson, said that "many persons with ME have a
lack of opportunities to be mobile and independent. Unfortunately they are
not being given equal recognition by the Government as that given to other
persons with disability and chronic conditions. An inclusive social policy
should not exclude persons who require support. Support should be seen as a
basic right and not charity".

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   Statement Philippe Lamberts: European Citizens should celebrate the
democratic revolution in North Africa, not succumb to fear about an influx
of refugees

Following the meeting of Berlusconi and Sarkozy in Rome to discuss the
revision of the Schengen area and the possible re-establishment of national
borders, the issue of immigration is firmly back on the agenda. This was
also the case at this month's session of the European Parliament, where EGP
so-spokesperson Philippe Lamberts gave his view on how the unfolding events
are being presented. For Lamberts, the relatively moderate number of
refugees arriving from North Africa in the wake of the uprisings there, have
triggered panic and hysteria among some segments of European society, which
has been deliberately stirred up by xenophobic right-wing groups.

"At the moment we are lucky enough to be witnessing this democratic
revolution south of the Mediterranean," said Lamberts. "However,
unfortunately it is not happening peacefully everywhere. In Libya, but also
Tunisia and Egypt, there have been troubles which have in turn led to a
sense of insecurity. As a result, a certain number of citizens are fleeing
the country. But what we are talking about here is not a tsunami of
immigrants, rather it is around 25-30.000 people. To put this into
perspective, during the war in ex-Yugoslavia Europe dealt with hundreds of
thousands of migrants arriving from the region."

"Today we see that certain political forces in Europe are trying to surf
this wave, to raise their profile and to stimulate fear among Europeans.
This was the case when Marine Le Pen went to Lampedusa, for example. Instead
of celebrating the democratic revolution in these countries, some are trying
to use these refugees to scare European citizens, and instrumentalising this
fear for their own political ends."

Lamberts recalled that during the Balkan wars the status of temporary
refugee was created for the duration of the conflict, and was attributed to
those emerging from the region affected, enabling them to benefit from a
status as temporary residents of Europe. "What we as Greens are proposing
now is something similar" he said, "The democratic transition is clearly
going to take some time. So the best contribution we can make, and it is
responsability in helping democracy, is to accept these migrants. Not just
the countries on the front-line, but as a union of 27 states. The minimum we
should do is to offer them a decent refuge during this upheaval. We should
not be afraid of this process but rather celebrate what is happening. This
situation is only temporary while democracy is being installed in a lasting
and stable way."

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 Meeting Register now for Green Local Councillors Meeting in Berlin

Time is running out to register for the 5th European Green Local Councillors
Meeting! The meeting will be held in Berlin from the 27th to the 29th of May
2011 and promises to be a unique experience in which Greens from across
Europe will meet to connect, debate, share best practices and of course
enjoy themselves!

The programme  contains a wide range of debates, workshops, visits to local
projects, networking events and other opportunities to see the
city! Register before the 18th of May and save 5 euros by paying by bank

You can see the draft programme which is regularly updated at:


Please register for the event via the above mentioned website. The
participation fee of 30 EUR (15 EUR reduced rate for young participants
below the age of 26) includes all conference material and the catering
(Coffee breaks, reception on Friday evening, lunch packages and dinner with
party on Saturday). Payment can be made via bank transfer on the following
account until 18th May 2011 (please indicate clearly the name of the
participant(s) for whom the fees are paid):
IBAN: BE97 7340 3161 6349 BIC: KREDBEBB After 18th May, please pay your
participation fees at your arrival ( + 5 EUR for EU citizens). Please note
that we can accept cash payments only when you pay on the spot.


The Congress will be held in the premises of the "Heinrich Böll Stiftung
e.V." (Schumannstraße 8, D- 10117 Berlin)
You can visit the Heinrich Böll Foundation's website by clicking
The venue of the evening reception on Friday 27 May is still to be
confirmed. Same for the venue for the party on Saturday (28 May) evening.


On our website you will find recommendations of hotels in different comfort
categories with which we have special price arrangements (limited
availability). For more information visit

Do you have any questions?
We are very happy to answer your questions. Please contact us:
greencouncillors at europeangreens.org

The conference is organised jointly by the Greens-EFA and the European Green

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   Press release Bluefin tuna fishery must be closed due to conflict in

The Greens in the European Parliament have called for the EU to close its
bluefin tuna fishery for the 2011 season as a consequence of the conflict in
Libya. The group insists that the conflict in Libya will make it impossible
to properly oversee and control fishing of the critically threatened bluefin
tuna and that the only solution is to close the fishery. Green fisheries
spokesperson Raül Romeva said:

"Closing the entire bluefin fishery for the 2011 season is the only
responsible course of action in the current circumstances. Oversight and
control of the bluefin fishery, which is difficult at the best of times,
will be rendered completely impossible with a major part of the fishery
lying in what is a warzone. Given the critical status of bluefin, which is
effectively on life support, it would be grossly irresponsible to allow
fishing in a situation where proper controls will not be carried out.

"The EU has a major responsibility for the bluefin tuna fishery given the
size of its catches, the number of farms to fatten the tuna and its
consumption of tuna. In order to prevent complete anarchy, the EU must close
its own purse seine fishery for bluefin tuna for 2011 and begin immediate
negotiations with ICCAT, the fisheries management body responsible for
bluefin tuna, to close the fishery for all countries.

"If the fishery goes ahead in 2011, then the recovery plan for bluefin tuna,
recently adopted with so much difficulty, will probably be a complete

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  Press release Joint lobbyist register a step in the right direction but
still a work in progress

On Wednesday 11th of May, the European Parliament adopted a report (Casini)
on a joint lobbyist register between the European Commission and Parliament,
partially strengthening the existing registers. The Greens welcomed the
improvements as a first step but called for further steps to strengthen the
register as soon as possible. Commenting on the vote, Green MEP Gerald
Häfner said:

"This vote is certainly a welcome step in the right direction to ensuring
better regulation of lobbying activities towards the European institutions,
however this lobbyist register is clearly still a work in progress. The
recent MEP corruption scandal has once again highlighted the need for
tougher rules on lobbying in the EU.

"We regret that the opportunity was again not taken to make the register
mandatory. Clearly, such a register will only be an  effective and fair tool
to ensure greater transparency of lobbying if it is mandatory and therefore
applies to all those seeking to lobby the institutions. A Green amendment
calling for the register to be made mandatory as part of any future review
was adopted and we will work to ensure this is implemented as soon as

"While the joint register will include greater information on the clients of
lobbyists and finances, it still falls short of providing the necessary
transparency on the financial background of lobbying on the register.
Clearly, full financial transparency - detailing the amounts and sources of
lobbying funding - is central to the effectiveness of any register. There is
also an important link in the chain missing, as the Council regrettably
still fails to implement a lobbyist register.

"The Greens will now continue to work to strengthen the register as an
important tool to improve the regulation and transparency of lobbying
activities, notably in the current EP working group on transparency and
ethics that was set up in response to the MEP corruption scandals."

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   Conference Young Greens meet to discuss what Social Europe means to them

Last weekend, young Greens from all around Europe met in Luxembourg for a
spring conference. It was the opportunity to share views, debate and
brainstorm proposals on issues such as the future of social Europe, the
financial crisis and energy policy. Following the successful conference, the
Federation of Young European Greens, the independant youth wing of the
European Green Party, held its annual general assembly in which it elected a
new team of enthusiastic young green leaders.

The EGP extends its congratulations to the new Executive Committee of FYEG.
The Co-Spokesperson are Theresa Reintke (Germany) and Nicolas Schaefers
(Luxemburg). The Treasurer is Mária Dokupilová (Slovakia). The Secretary
General is Stevan Petrovic and the four EC members are Merja (Finland),
Jakob (Austria), Nikola (Serbia) and Gaya (Armenya).

This team will work on coordinating the activities of green party youth
wings and organisations across Europe.  This involves common campaigns,
events and support in order to ensure that green politics among European
youth continues to flourish.

The EGP looks forward to another year of fruitful and valuable co-operation
with FYEG, who have a vital role in relaying the perspectives and concerns
of young voters and activists across Europe.

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   election results Success in England and Northern Ireland proves Greens
are now seen as a real alternative in the UK

In local elections on the 5th of May, Greens gained 23 seats in England
bringing its total number of councillors to 61. The Party fielded 1,600
candidates across the country, with the biggest win in Brighton and Hove,
where it gained 10 seats to reach a total of 23.

Caroline Lucas, Party Leader and MP for Brighton and Hove, said the Party's
long-standing presence in the area was probably a factor. "We've had
councillors here since 1996, people have seen Green policies in action, they
like what they see, and they want more. The challenge, of course, is to
scale this up and to spread it out more widely."

"There really is a sense now that the Greens are a real alternative and once
you get that first foot in the door in Parliament, that obviously gives us
more credibility and people have more confidence in voting Green." added

In Wales, there was sadly no breakthrough for the Green Party, who had hoped
to secure an Assembly Member this time through the regional list vote.

In the Scottish election, the Greens were the only opposition party not to
lose seats in the face of a tidal wave of support for the Scottish National
Party. Patrick Harvie retained his seat, with Alison Johnstone joining him,
replacing retiring Robin Harper. This means that the Greens' seat count
remains at two, but with a final vote-share of 4.5%, which was disappointing
in light of a succession of polls predicting significant gains for Greens.

In a statement Party Leader Patrick Harvie said: "I think we ran our most
professional campaign to date, and we had both great candidates and
hard-working local teams. I am pleased to be back in Parliament, with
Alison, making sure the Green voice is heard loud and clear. But I am also
disappointed that we weren't able to capitalise on the opportunity to
improve our position at Holyrood.

"However," added Harvie, "even in those areas where we have fallen a bit
short, we have done some excellent ground work for next year’s council
elections, when I am confident we will see more Green councillors elected
across the country."

In Northern Ireland there was cause for celebration as Green Party Leader
Steven Agnew was elected to the Assembly as MLA for North Down.

Mr Agnew said: “I am honoured and delighted to have been elected to the
local Assembly and I will provide a strong voice of opposition against the
planned cuts and act as a champion for environmental issues."

“This has been a long and hard campaign and the Green Party has been working
tirelessly to build its support base both in North Down and across Northern
Ireland for quite a number of years and that work has now come to fruition
with my election as MLA. We fought a fair and positive campaign and are
delighted that voters have listened to what we have to offer and invested
their trust in us."

The European Greens extend their warmest congratulations to the Green Party
of England and Wales, the Scottish Greens and the Green Party of Northern
Ireland, all of whom have fought tireless and devoted campaigns.

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   Website Green European Foundation launches 'other language' publications
section on its website

While GEF normally publishes its work in English, it also strives to reach
as many Europeans as possible. This is why, over the past three years, GEF
has produced publications in various languages or translated many of its
English publications into multiple European languages.

In order to make these publications more easily accessible, we regrouped
them  on the GEF website into a section of "publications in other
languages". The number of languages GEF has worked in over the years is
quite amazing! Publications have been produced in Czech, Catalan, Danish,
Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Slovakian,
Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish.

Click here<http://europeangreens.us2.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=823d8d6ab731c7b48a1ee517d&id=386abe3ca0&e=c5d5c714b9>
visit the GEF website and search for publications in your own language.

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