[fyeg_gen-l] REMINDER: Call for partners! Seminar in Barcelona, Catalonia, from the 5th to the 11th December 2011. Deadline 15th May

Theresa Reintke terrytasse at aol.com
Tue May 3 15:53:31 CEST 2011

Dear all,

please find further below again the call for partners for the seminar on 
Democracy in Barcelona, Catalonia.

You find all the instructions in the call. The deadline for sending 
either a fax and/or a scanned version (to office at fyeg.org) of the part 
III (you find it attached as odt and pdf) is still the *15th MAY*. We 
then still need the original sent by post!

If you still have questions, please ask!

Best regards from sunny Brussels,


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Call for partners!

FYEG, the Federation of Young European Greens, in cooperation with Joves 
d?Esquerra Verda (Catalonia), is organising a *seminar*from the 5th-11th 
December2011. It will take place in Barcelona, Catalonia and its topic 
will be *Revolutionary Movements for Democracy.* It will be organised 
under the umbrella of the Falafel Network

*What is the topic?*

The overall topic is Democracy under the title

"Revolutionary Movements for Democracy - A comparison of South and 
Eastern Europe and the Middle East"

During the seminar we want to discuss the differences and similarities 
between the movements towards more democracy in different time periods 
in different parts of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East - with a 
specific focus on the revolutions in North Africa (namely Tunisia and 
Egypt) in the past months.

*Aims/Objectives: *

Showing the differences and similarities between different revolutionary 
movements and what were the main motivations/obstacles/successes

Assess the questions of how revolutions can lead to a more democratic 
society, what dangers there are etc.

Discuss with young people from all over Europe and the Mediterranean the 
current events and their consequences

Strengthening the Falafel Network as a platform for exchange between 
Europe and the Mediterranean//and enhancing further cooperation/


Every partner organisation has to chose one group leader and 3 to 5 
participants. The participants HAVE TO BE YOUNGER THAN 26! The group 
leader can be older. The partner doesn't have to fulfill any financial 
conditions but should be aware that the travel costs of the participants 
and the group leader to the youth exchange will only be reimbursed up to 
70%. You might want to consider covering the rest of the amount by means 
of your organisation; FYEG has no means to do so.

The group leader needs to attend a preparatory meeting one or two month 
before the exchange. For this meeting her/his travel costs will be 
reimbursed a 100%.

The group leader and participants need to be chosen in a democratic and 
open way and the group needs to be gender balanced. All participants and 
group leaders need a basic command over English; we won't have 
translations at the event.


The seminar will take place in Barcelona, Catalonia. The seminar will be 
hosted by the Joves d?Esquerra Verda.


Then send your partnership agreement (see attached) as fax to0032 2626 0729

*And* as a letter to

FYEG Office

Rue Wiertz 31




Also send a mail confirming that you have faxed it, with the name of 
your organisation and the name and mail address of your contact person 
to terry at fyeg.org <mailto:terry at fyeg.org> so that we can check whether 
the fax arrives.

*Deadline for the fax is 15*^*th* *of May!!!!

*What is the Falafel Network?*

Over 2005 and 2006, political youth organisations gathered in a network 
for political youth organisations from both sides of the Mediterranean. 
As a founding meeting, we organised a Contact Making Seminar in Berlin 
from 4th to 8th of December 2006. In 2010 several activists from all 
over Europe and the Mediterranean started to reanimate the network as it 
had been rather inactive in the years in between.

We are working on issues that are of interest for us all; for example 
peace, migration, Human Rights, environment, gender issues, trafficking, 
cultural exchange, xenophobia and above all, the participation of young 
people in democratic procedures. These topics will be discussed on 
seminars and over the internet (e.mail, chat, web forum, wiki). When 
possible, common actions such as joint press releases and street actions 
can be taken. We will furthermore cooperate with other actors on the 
field, such as the European Youth Forum and the Euromed Platform and we 
will facilitate contacts and cooperation between our member 
organisations. We are fully aware that all of us come from different 
political families and have very different opinions on various topics 
but we want to cooperate in areas that are of importance for all of us, 
for instance youth participation. It is in our all interest, that young 
people have the possibility to are politically active, to make their 
voice heard and to have an impact on society. Joining forces will help 
us to reach our aim!

For more info, check out our website: www.falafelnetwork.net

If you are interested, contact Terry: terry at fyeg.org

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