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Dear Young European Greens,

I would like to call your attention to a conference which will take place
this spring in Geneva called YouthPerspectives.

*YouthPerspectives is a conference held in Geneva from April 29**th* *until
May 1**st**, 2011,* aimed at giving young adults the opportunity to:
exchange their points of view, negotiate contrasting perspectives, elaborate
a common position and then develop a sustainable solution for various issues
in the field of education. This will be a great opportunity to get in touch
with people sharing the same concerns, from different parts of Switzerland,
Europe and the whole world.

During the three days, *100 participants, aged 16 to 28 years old*, will
share their opinions and expectations on Education in the 21st Century in
five different committees, each dealing with a different aspect of
education. These are:

1. Education as the Path to Citizenship?

2. Promoting Universal Access to Higher Education

3. Integration through Education

4. Teachers & the Promotion of Gender Equality

5. Integrating Culture in Educational Programs

The outcome document of Youth Perspectives will be submitted to the UN
Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). Due to the fact that GIMUN (which
organizes the conference) benefits from the Special Consultative Status
within ECOSOC, and that the theme of this year’s Annual Ministerial Review
is Education, we hope our work will have significant impact beyond our

This conference will not only give students and other young adults from
various backgrounds the chance to express their opinions but also the
opportunity to actively contribute to the decision-making process – on
issues that concerns them all over the world.

There is *no participation fee* and we try our best to make sure every
participant finds a local host. However we can unfortunately not contribute
financially to your travel expenses. three lunches and one dinner will be
offered. All other expenses have to be covered by yourself.

For more information please visit:



Best wishes,


co-responsible YouthPerspectives
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