[fyeg_gen-l] FYEG GA: Proposal for new IRPs by the structure working group

Minttu Massinen minttu.massinen at vino.fi
Mon Mar 21 22:34:33 CET 2011

Hello all!

The structure working group is proud to present their proposal for new IRPs.

Since the last GA the structure working group as well as its tool, the 
structural commission, have been working hard going through the current 

We interpreted that our mandate was to clarify the IRPs and make them 
more coherent. That's what we mostly did. We understood that we were not 
mandated to make actual changes. However at some points the IRPs were 
contradicting either the Statutes or other parts of the IRPs.

At some points it was clear how the IRPs had to be changed. (These 
changes are marked in the template.) At others there were two options. 
We have marked these points in our draft and left them for the GA to decide.

We have made the decision to present you with one document instead of 
hundreds of amendments to the current IRPs. Our proposal is to delete 
the current IRPs document and replace it with the new IRPs document.

Therefore we kindly ask you to amend the new IRPs which of course you're 
most welcome to do.

If you have any questions concerning the process or the proposal please 
don't hesitate to ask us!

For the working group,


Link to the current IRPs


Minttu Massinen
minttu.massinen at vino.fi
050 381 4643

Vihreiden nuorten ja opiskelijoiden liitto - ViNO ry
Fredrikinkatu 33 A, 00120 Helsinki

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