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Fri Mar 4 11:18:43 CET 2011

Dear all,

 it is already quite a long time when I've written to this list last time.
Right now I would like to appeal to you, to call you, mostly you who are
from Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria. Reason? Antifascist action in
Nový Bydžov (little town in cetral Czech Rep.).


In our country last weeks and months society mood mostly against Roma people
is growing up. Very strongly. There are many reasons why it's happening
nowadays. It can be due to general xenofobic feeling in general society, but
also the political discourse in all levels of czech politics. Why in Nový
Bydžov? Recently in this town their major organized a conference for other
majors from other Czech towns and other cities where they have made a
statement which is very very antidiscriminating - try to solve "Roma issue"
to segregate them, as I can say in easy way. Our government do nothing
against that. So that's why I wrote all levels of our politics. This major's
event was published in all Czech medias and helped to strengthen "antiroma"
mood in our country.

In 12. 3. (next saturday) our neonazist's party called Labour party of
social justice (funny name for fascist, yeah?) gonna organized demonstration
against so called "maladjusted citizens" - it just means against Roma
people. This party is strongly linked to all of Czech neonazist and fascist
organizations which, of course, are planning to come there as well. So it
seems it will be one of the biggest demo of neonazist and fascists in our
country in last years.

We, as Greens, organize with other organizations - from Antifa via many
leftwing organizations to civic society, Roma activists and NGOs
antidemonstration. The main aim of our action will be circle them (map
attached) and won't allow them to reach roma houses.

So, the reason why I'm writing it is mainly to ask you, who can come, to
come and support us. I cannot offer you almost nothing, just informations,
and in case of necessity, accomodation in Praha.

If anybody of you are interested, let me know. Each of you can be useful!

Greetings from Prague friends!

Czech Young Greens/Green Party

p.s. on picture: black - nazists, red - antidemo/human chain, green - roma
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