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Schwarz Jakob jakob at fyeg.org
Fri Jul 29 18:18:26 CEST 2011

Dear Everyone,

if you haven't heard yet the 2nd GREEN SUMMER UNIVERSITY organized by  
The Greens/EFA in the European Parliament and the European Green Party  
is going to be held 8-11 September in Frankfurt /Oder (Germany) and  
Słubice (Poland)!
Registrations are open until 31st July on the SummerUni website:
You can find all the practical information about the venues,  
accommodation and program on the website.

This years conference will be held under the motto "Europe - make it  
or break it!" and will host around 600 participants from the whole of  
Europe. Speakers will be green MEPs, various experts, publicists,  

You can find the full programme attached but here are some highlights  
we thought might be especially interesting for young greens:

FYEG is organizing two workshops "Youth for Democracy"
- Sarah Zaimi, Moroccan blogger, a television, newspaper, and magazine  
- Manel Amiri, Tunisian Young Greens
- Terry Reintke, FYEG Spokesperson
Since 2006 FYEG has been active in the Mediterranean region, with the  
creation of "Falafel", a network for green and progressive NGOs and  
youth organizations from around the EUROMED area.             The  
recent political developments with the clear and visible involvement  
of young people in the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt have confirmed  
this choice of emphasis on democracy. A growing number of young people  
from the region are becoming interested in Green politics as a  
solution for more democratic societies and see sustainable economic  
models as a serious option for their countries' development.
The aim of this workshop is to provide the opportunity to listen to  
young voices from the region in order to learn more about their way of  
looking at the challenges they face. The question of democracy and  
civil liberties in the region will probably remain on the agenda for  
quite some time and our workshop also presents the opportunity for  
everyone to mingle and network with green players from the region.

FYEG Workshop: "Right-wing extremism, Fascism and Intersectionality"

Speaker: Marcin Starnawsk, Poland, Sociologist
Topic: Intersections between different forms of discrimination,  
identity politics

Abstract: Across Europe, right-wing populist or more overtly fascist  
movements are on the rise. Migrants rights and the right to asylum are  
being questioned by a fetishisation of culture, which always implies  
that culture is what "others"do. In this context it is not enough to  
only consider migrants rights, LGTBQ rights or other minorities in  
separate fashion. FYEG therefore relaunched a working group on  
Migration, Culture and Identity. One of the goals is to develop a  
Green Agenda on questions of Culture and Identity for the Greens to  
regain the initiative in these field of discourse             and  
render this agenda visible.

Trainings s to perfect your skills in green political communication:
"Debate contest" organized by the European Green Party where you can  
debate on green issues and practice your argumentation skills.
"Creative Political Writing" training will improve your political  
writing for different media and shape your message for a green audience.

A training in use of social media "Social Media Training for Green  

"Training for Activists: Creative Political Actions" will present ways  
to how to make street actions and political activism with creative  

FYEG Working Groups might find the topics of these workshops  
particularly interesting:

"Socio-economic Green Ideas for Central Europe" on economic  
transformation in the Central and Eastern Europe under the influence  
of Western capitalism.

"Climate Change negotiations - The Game!" a simulation of the climate  
change negotiations to better understand what happens at COP meetings.

"Digital Divide - Access to the Internet as a Human Right?" on digital  
divides in Europe and the World and issues like political censorship.

"Uprising in North Africa & Arabia: Consequences for European refugee  
and migration policy" on the effects of the Arab spring on the  
European border regime.

"European Charter for Equality of Women and Men in Local Life" will  
train the participants for lobbying to implement this Charter in  
regional and local governments of Europe.

"Women and climate change" workshop will give insight in why it is  
important to integrate gender aspects into debates on climate change.

"Gender Bender - Drag King Workshop" where participants will dress up  
as men and play with their masculine identity in order to explore  
gender identity and focus on women and transgenders.

"Green Patriotism" will tackle the issue of patriotism, nationalism  
and cosmopolitanism in European green politics.

"The relations of the West with the Arab World 10 years after 9/11"

"European Citizens' Initiative" the first transnational and direct- 
democracy tool will train participants in starting an successful  
Citizens Initiative.

Green way to come to the Summer University:

Co-organiser, the European Green Party, will be organising buses for  
participants to come to the Summer University. The Baltics Express  
travels from Tallinn via Riga, Kaunas, and Warsaw. The Danube Express  
heads off from Budapest, calling at Bratislava, Brno, and Praha before  
reaching the Summer Uni. Finally, the EGP Doubledecker will take you  
from London through Lille, Brussels, Dortmund and Hannover on its way  
to Frankfurt/Oder.
You can book your seat online (www.green-summer-university.eu >>  
Practical information >> Buses). Prices vary depending on the point of  
departure, but are generally lower than with a low cost airline - so  
travel green! Exact travel times will be confirmed soon. The estimated  
time of arrival for all buses is Thursday, 8 September, at midday.

We hope to see you there and that you will use this event as another  
opportunity to connect with other young greens and their MOs!

Your FYEG.

Stevan Petrovic
Secreatary General
Federation of Young European Greens

Address: 	31 rue Wiertz, Brussels, Belgium B-1050
Email: 		office at fyeg.org
Phone: 		+32 (0)2 62 60 72 7
Mobile:		+32 (0)4 95 12 96 01
Skype: 		office.fyeg
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