[fyeg_gen-l] Discussion on political extremism! Press Release // Youth of Europe Gather Behind Democracy after Norwegian Attacks

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Fri Jul 29 09:58:24 CEST 2011

Dear everyone,

you probably all heard about the horrible attacks that took place in 
Norway. As you might have seen we - as the EC - sent out a press release 
on this matter stating our shock about these mean atrocities 

We then also got a request from the Party Political Youth Organisations 
(PPYOs) within the European Youth Forum (http://www.youthforum.org/). 
You can find the outcome below.

A debate arose about whether we should state in this PR that we are 
fighting against "far right and other forms of political extremism" or 
"far right and fascist ideologies". We were definitely in favour of the 
latter because we have a problem with the concept of political extremism.

For us the main point is that "extremism" has no content, it´s basically 
a positioning of political beliefs and we - along with many other left 
and progressive organisations - think that the content, thus the 
anti-democratic, racist and indeed fascist ideologies that lead to the 
attack are to be fought against, not just any kind of political extremism.

We then realised that this debate is very intensely held in some of our 
MOs, in other maybe not and in some the opinion is already formed. That 
is why we thought that we should start a debate about this with you!

So, what do you think about this issue? How is it discussed in your own 
organisations/societies? What are the Pro-/Contra- arguments? Do you 
think FYEG should have a position on this?

We also hope that this can give valuable input for our political 
platform process.

All the best,

Terry (on behalf of the EC)

P.S.: As you see below, in the end the proposal that we were against was 
taken. We still wanted to join the PR because we think that in this case 
the demonstration of unity was more important that the political 

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Betreff: 	Press Release // Youth of Europe Gather Behind Democracy after 
Norwegian Attacks
Datum: 	Tue, 26 Jul 2011 18:12:46 +0200
Von: 	Letizia Gambini <letizia.gambini at youthforum.org>
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For immediate release: 27 July 2011


The double attacks in Norway on Friday, 22 July 2011 shocked the whole 
world. The brutality of these acts is incomprehensible and the violence 
that has taken place is completely unjustifiable. Our thoughts go out to 
the victims and their friends and relatives, and to all those who were 
affected by these acts. The undersigned organisations are horrified by 
this violence against our colleagues and friends in AUF (Norwegian 
Labour Youth). This is an attack against all organisations that stand 
for democracy.

We are convinced that the only response to such acts is more democracy, 
more openness and more understanding. Therefore, we will continue our 
work to further strengthen democracy, human rights, and to fight against 
the far-right and other forms of political extremism together all over 


European Youth Forum (YFJ)Peter MatjaÅ¡iÄ?, President
European Socialist Youth (ECOSY)Kaisa Penny, President
International Socialist Youth (IUSY)Johan Hassel, Secretary-General
Youth of the European People's Party (YEPP)Csaba Dömötör, President
Democratic Youth Community of Europe (DEMYC)Jani Johansson, President
European Democrat Students (EDS)Juraj Antal, President
European Liberal Youth (LYMEC)Alexander Plahr, President
International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY)Thomas Leys, President
Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG)Terry Reintke & Nicolas 
Schaefers, co-speakers
European Free Alliance Youth (EFAy)Jana Baceva, Secretary-General
Young European Federalists (JEF)Philippe Adriaenssens, President

*Press Contacts:*
Letizia Gambini, Communications Coordinator, European Youth Forum, 
letizia.gambini at youthforum.org <mailto:letizia.gambini at youthforum.org>, 
+32 491 04 13 78

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