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Thanks for sharing, Anna.

If you are interested you can find more events in our database on
www.bigmamma.net (or direct link:
http://www.bigmamma.net/find.asp?id=106&findevents=1). And if events are
missing, please register them so we can include them in the list. Thanks!

Warm regards,

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From: Anna Keenan <anna.c.keenan at gmail.com>
Subject: [YouthClimate] 'The 12 must-attend youth events towards 2012'
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Hi youth,

I thought I would send this across the lists as it neatly summarises a lot
of the major youth conferences taking place around the world in the coming

Hopefully there is one year you, and you will have an opportunity to
participate or present and share your stories!

Anna K


 *The 12 must-attend youth events towards 2012*
 Several interesting youth
events<http://www.bigmamma.net/find.asp?id=106&findevents=1>have been
shared on bigmamma.net
<http://www.bigmamma.net/upload/documents/www.bigmamma.net>in the past few
months. We hereby present you the best of the best and the icing on the
cake: from Tokyo to New York, from China to Ghana, these are the places to
be. Selected on impact, outreach and connection with the Rio+20 movements.
In chronological order, we present you the *12 must-attend youth events
towards 2012: the Rio+20 Earth Summit*.
    World Leadership Conference
<http://www.bigmamma.net/page.asp?id=521>Singapore, Singapore
13-15 July, 2011

  The World Leadership Conference brings together youth from all over Asia
Pacific to learn, voice out and take action to move towards a green
sustainable future for Planet Earth. The conference reflects the highest
ideals of ECO Singapore in bringing together motivated and proactive youth
to focus on pertinent issues surrounding climate change and to develop
leadership qualities which would best prepare the participants for Rio 20
Earth Summit.

   International Youth Summit on Energy and Climate
July 22-24, 2011
Beijing, China

 The China International Youth summit is devoted to promoting youth promise
and low carbon green development in China and the world. Since its debut at
Tsinghua University in July, the summit was successfully held in Shanghai
Expo in July 2010 under the special support of the United Nations
environment program (UNEP). The upcoming third summit in will be held at the
Yingjie Communication Center of Peking University.

   9th Annual Youth Assembly at the United
New York, United States
August 3-5, 2011
 The Youth Assembly is an annual gathering of hundreds of young people from
around the world who seek practical ways to contribute to the achievement of
the Millennium Development Goals by global networking and social
entrepreneurship. The Youth Assembly is about showing how one person can
make a difference by engaging with the challenges of the present and being
an educated and active citizen.

   Youth Forum on Climate Actions and Mountain Issues
<http://www.bigmamma.net/page.asp?id=1133>Kathmandu, Nepal
August 10-12, 2011

 The Youth Forum 2011 is being held in preparation of the upcoming COP 17
meeting in December 2011 and the Rio 20 Earth Summit in 2012. The Youth
Forum offers a unique opportunity for students from across the Asia Pacific
region to engage in the field of sustainability, climate change, and
mountain development and in the efforts of finding local-specific solutions.

West African Youth for Sustainable Development Regional Meeting
Accra, Ghana
August 10-16, 2011

The West African Regional Meeting will focus on role of West African youth
in efforts towards sustainable development, the Rio 20 Earth Summit process
and the post 2015 development agenda. The key objective is to empower West
African youth to claim ownership of their place in the preparatory process
towards the Rio 20 Earth Summit.

   The International Youth Forum <http://www.bigmamma.net/page.asp?id=660>
Tokyo, Japan
August 11-16, 2011
 The ESD Forum and International Youth Forum is a conference of
international students and decision-makers convened by iuventum. The ESD
Forum focuses on the links between economy, society and environment and is a
contribution to the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development

   The Road to Rio 20 European Regional Meeting - European Youth
Izola, Slovenia
August 27 - September 10, 2011

The European Youth Congress is an an extension of the World Youth Congress
and involves young people from all over Europe every other year. This year
it will take place over one week in Izola, Slovenia. The focus of EYC 2011
will be on preparing for the Rio 20 Earth Summit next year in Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil.

One Young World Summit <http://www.bigmamma.net/page.asp?id=1155>
Zurich, Switzerland
September 1-4, 2011

One Young World's purpose is to connect and bring together the youngest,
brightest and best and to ensure that their concerns, opinions, and
solutions are heard and taken into account by those in power, whether in
government, business, or any other sector. If you would like to get the
chance to meet Bob Geldof and Muhammad Yunus, this is your place to be.

Asia Pacific Youth Assembly <http://www.bigmamma.net/page.asp?id=1143>
September 6-10, 2011
Jakarta (tentative, place will be informed soon)

The Asia Pacific Youth Assembly aims to gather young people from Asia
Pacific countries to discus and generate ideas for solutions to current
environmental issues under the theme “Utilizing Young People to Act on the
Environmental Issues Solution”. Participants will get mutual understanding
about the environmental issues they are facing in their own countries.

   Act Now - Forests For Future <http://www.bigmamma.net/page.asp?id=1197>
Joensuu, Finland
September 15-16, 2011

The conference Act Now! Forests For Future will gather together 2000 - 3000
students and teachers from about 100 countries. The conference is the
highlight of the Act Now activities in the ENO Programme, and will celebrate
the International UN Year of Forests.
NOTE: The application deadline is extended to July 31, 2011.

Tunza International Children and Youth Conference on the
Bandung, Indonesia
September 26-30, 2011

 The Tunza International Children & Youth Conference on the Environment will
bring together 1400 children and youth, to discuss their role and inputs to
the upcoming Rio 20 Earth Summit. Organised by the United Nations
Environment Programme, taking part in this conference is a very direct way
to have your voice heard at the Earth Summit! The conference will also
review the contribution of youth to the International UN Year of Forests and
how everyone can adopt more environment-friendly lifestyles
NOTE: The application deadline is extended to 22 July 2011!

   Congreso Latinoamericano de Jóvenes - Camino a Rio 20
<http://www.bigmamma.net/page.asp?id=1136>Cordoba, Argentina
September 28 - October 2, 2011

The conference Camino a Rio 20 aims to influence the outcome of the Rio 20
Earth Summit process, by ensuring strong youth participation both in the
prior process and the summit itself. Camino a Rio 20 aims to inspire and
mobilize young people to work towards sustainable development, by linking,
amplifying and giving visibility to the initiatives that various
organizations, youth groups and communities are pursuing under this theme.
NOTE: You have to speak Spanish to be able to participate.
For more events take a look in our
Are we missing any important events? Put them on
we can include them in de list.

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