[fyeg_gen-l] We are lookinf for partners

Štěpán Mairovský Mairovsky at seznam.cz
Mon Mar 22 11:05:10 CET 2010

To all,
We are looking for 4-5 partners organizations for our summer camp 
in the Czech republic and it would be really nice to have at least 
one from any Islamic country.
Our summer camp will take place in the pure nature between 21 to 28 
of August 2010 in south part of the Czech Republic.Details below.
If you have any questions, please 
contact smairovsky at seznam.cz(mailto:smairovsky at seznam.cz)
We are looking forward to meeting you!
It will be no participation fee, accommodation and meals will be provided by the
organizers and 70% of the travel costs of the participants will be
Deadline for this call is March 30th, 2010.
 Partners or enemies? Europe and Islam: a youth perspective
a) Situation of Muslims in Europe. Should Europe be afraid of 
b) Womens´ rights in Islam (and in Europe)
c) Can Islam be an inspiration? (e.g. islamic banking system...)
d) Multiculturalism in practise: european and islamic civilization 
 living in peace together?
e) Conflicts (Terrorism and the heritage of colonialism...)
d) Turkey (Should Turkey become a member of the EU? Why yes/not?
e) Islam and ecology
and more...:-) (it depends of you)

Štěpán Mairovský, Czech Young Greens

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