[fyeg_gen-l] Global Young Greens Congress coming to Berlin in August 2010!!

Sophia Reintke sophia3001 at aol.com
Thu Mar 4 15:05:25 CET 2010

Dear Members of FYEG,
as some of you already know, the 2^nd Global Young Greens Congress will
take place in Berlin this summer – from 8^th to 14^th of August!
The venue will be the amazing headquarters of Heinrich-Boell-Foundation, 
which is a great supporter of this event.
However, we need more helping hands and minds as you can guess...YOU!
As I already mentioned very shortly on the FYEG Furture Group meeting,
we need you to give ideas and input with regards to content aswell as
financially, of course.
As you can guess, this congress will be very expensive. Without
travelling costs we are calculating something around 40.000 € that we
need to fundraise in order to have the core of it and ensure it is 
However, additionally, we are planning to have some kind of travel
support ("Central Fund") for people from the global south, who plan to 
join our meeting and have no possibilities of their own for fundings or 
financial ressources.
We are planning a participation fee of 180 € for participants from the
global north and a reduced one for the others.
We think for the Young Greens that is already lots of money, so we would 
like to ask you whether your "mother"-parties (if existent) or any other 
close organisations could possibly provide further funding to us. Please 
contact them and convince them of the project!!
Furthermore, we would like you to inform your boards and all people, who 
are interested and can possibly contribute to this event, about it 
taking place. If you have ANY ideas how to receive further fundings, 
please let us know.
We really want it to be a global event and thus ensure many people from 
the global south to come. It is a unique possibility to talk about 
global inequalities not only with Europeans! Please help us with that 
and contribute!
To join one of the preperation groups, you can have a look on the
sign in on the mailinglists.

The mailadress of the Local Prepteam is gyg-congress at gruene-jugend.de
<mailto:gyg-congress at gruene-jugend.de> and we are happy to receive
emails from you :-)

If you have any questions that are not answered in the attachment, do 
not hesitate to contact me or the people mentioned in the letter.
Thanks, have a nice day and hopefully see you in Berlin :-)


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