[fyeg_gen-l] Call for partners on environmental and sustainable education

Zofia Hawranek zofia at fyeg.org
Thu Dec 23 13:11:32 CET 2010

*(From the Euromed Youth Platform)*

Hello everybody,

I’m looking for professional  partners on two projects linked on
environmental and sustainable education.

1) Is a group EVS in Marseille called Able to Act Sustainable that we will
apply for the 1st February 2011 deadline. I have already quite enough
organisations located in MEDA countries but I still miss youth organisations
located in program countries. The countries have to be riparian  of our
Mediteranean Sea. So i’m looking for youth organisation program countries
(Turkey included) accredited in sending evs, located in riparian
Mediterranean countries and all interested to take part of Able to Act
Sustain’Able. See the call for partnership in the attached file. This group
EVS project is part of the Hand in Hand Long Time Training Course. We are in
the coaching phase, our wonderful coach is Evy from Greece. Palestine,
Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Algeria so i’m looking no for Spain, Italie,
Turquie, Greece, Slovenia, Malta, Chypre….

So if you are interested or you know a great organisation please contact me

2) I also will apply on a Gruntdvig a simple one. It is my first. And I’m
also looking for programm countries (turkey in) interested in working on a 2
years partnership. Deadline is 21 February.  If I remember well all the
countries involved has to fill an application.

Well the learning is “how to learn to learn to implement an agenda 21 in
youth organisation” which governance, participatory democracy, pedagogic
tools, citizenship and pillars… Well it’s rather blur, I have to work on it
and I’ll write a call for partnership for the beginning of January, but I
already wanted to warn you  maybe you wished to write a Grundtvig about
environmental education and sustainable development.

For more information please click

Sébastien CHAILLET

Sébastien CHAILLET (mobile +33 664526703)
sc.eurocircle at gmail.com
47, rue du Coq
13001 Marseille
Tél 1 (+33)
Fax (+33)
info.eurocircle at gmail.com

Zofia Hawranek
Office Assistant
Federation of Young European Greens
31 rue Wiertz, Brussels
Belgium B-1050
tel: +32 2 62 607 27 17
fax: +32 2 62 607 29
zofia at fyeg.org
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