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sebastian power sebastian at fyeg.org
Mon Dec 20 20:55:06 CET 2010

Dear Member Organisations,

We have, unfortunately, one more piece of resignation news for you during
this year. Our Secretary General, Maria Paola Lia, elected in May at the
General Assembly in Bratislava, has had health problems during her term,
with sick-leave since September. Maria Paola came into the office under
difficult circumstances, and performed admirably under harsh conditions.
This took a toll on her physique in an unsustainable way, that no employee
should have to suffer. She has remained in close contact with EC and the
office even during her sick leave, always offering help, information and
support when needed. Unfortunately, she has now decided to resign.

The EC has decided to extend the interim position as Secretary General of
Markus Drake until the next General Assembly, which will be held in
Luxemburg from the 5th to the 8th of May, 2011.

We hope you, our Member Organisations, show understanding and patience with
us, and also offer your suggestions for procedure and criticisms openly, as
you have before. 2010 has been an exciting but exhausting year for all of
us. We look forward to seeing you all, both at the Spring Camp in Madrid
13th to 20th of March and the General Assembly, and we hope for many good
candidacies for the position of Secretary General, as it will be open again,
as well as all the EC positions.

Apart from this sad news, along with the two other resignations announced
last week, we would like to let you know that things in FYEG are running
quite smoothly, all things considered. After the dust has settled from a
hectic November and early December, with several major FYEG events, it seems
they all went quite well, and several other important milestones have been
reached. The criminal case regarding the fraud we faced in 2008-2009 is
advancing, and plans are being made for 2011. Once again, thank you for your
support and understanding, and please read the attached resignation letter
of Maria Paola closely.

 We hope you all enjoy your holidays.

 Seasons greetings,


FYEG Co-spokesperson

On behalf of the FYEG EC and office
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