[fyeg_gen-l] "How to eat on Earth to fit" - youth exchange invitation for partner organizations

Ogy Kovachev ogniancho at gmail.com
Thu Dec 9 13:40:18 CET 2010

Dear friends,

On behalf of Bulgarian Young Greens and as a follow up on our initial email,
sent a month ago, we are ready with our project proposal for organizing an
Action 1 - Youth Exchange in Bulgaria.

After lively discussions, a lot of ideas popped up and we have concluded the
exciting title for the event - *"How to eat on Earth to fit"*.

The aims and main topics of the exchange would be focused generally on the
way we consume our food, the way we prepare it, the way we produce it. We
will try to develop and share ideas and experience on healthy way
of consumption and to contrast it to the traditional approach. We will share
experience related to organic farming, permaculture, veganism, raw foodism
and other alternative ways of feeding and will put them against the
traditional ways of feeding in order to find out the positive and negative
aspects of both.

We are willing to apply for funding for the *1 February 2011* deadline at
our National Agency. For this purpose we need your *Part 3* filled, signed,
stamped and posted to us by *25 January 2011*. You can find the Part 3
attached with the project title already in it. Please fill in all the
relevant fields. Also please send us a scanned version in order to count you
in as a partner organization. If we receive many requests for partnership we
will count them on the first come first serve principal and priority will be
given to those who already announced they are interested. As Bulgarian Young
Greens are members of CDN and FYEG we will have even more wide access for
individual participants, joining the groups, organized by both

We are plannig to have 7 working days, excluding the travel days. We are
still working on the venue and the dates but they are going to be decided
prior to the application deadline. We are focused on the last week of *August
2011* and the first week of *September 2011* with arrival day on Saturday
and departure day on the following Saturday.

The address for sending the Part 3 is:

*Zelena Partiya/Mladi Zeleni*
*Pop Bogomil 49*
*Sofia 1202*

Please send us your scanned Part 3 at young_greens at mail.bg and to
ogniancho at gmail.com.

Feel free to contact us if any questions appear or any ideas appear in your

Ogy Kovachev
blog: http://ogniancho.blogspot.com
skype: ogniancho
facebook: Ogy Kovachev
globul: +359 89 8823316
loop: +359 88 3366300
work: +359 2 8048684
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