[fyeg_gen-l] Anti-austerity/anti-cuts protest in Brussels today

Markus Drake markus at fyeg.org
Thu Dec 9 09:52:32 CET 2010

For those who happen to be in Brussels, this is happening today:

When: Meet 18h00, outside the steps to Porte de Namur, facing Deutsche Bank

This Thursday is when British parliamentarians will vote on increasing
fees for university students up to £9000/year and cut education spending
for arts, humanities and social science subjects.

To show solidarity to these students and the vast cuts to countries across
Europe, there will be a funeral march across Brussels. We'll be mourning
this and other losses to our social welfare system across Europe.

Mourning the loss of jobs, of economic stability, of social welfare and of
social justice, we will stop at various embassies (Greek, French, Spanish
and British), decrying the rise of neoliberalism and the death of
Government for the People.

Multilingual with explanations of what is happening across Europe.
Together we will fight neoliberalism & austerity.

*Come in Black. Bring Flowers to throw & handkerchiefs to wipe away your
tears. Bring friends & family.*

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