[fyeg_gen-l] PR: FYEG Demands Russian Authorities Release Noize MC

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Thu Aug 5 11:34:30 CEST 2010

FYEG Demands Russian Authorities Release Noize

5 Aug

The famous Russian rapper Noize MC (real name : Ivan Alexeyev, 25 y.o.) has
been arrested on July 31 after a concert in Volgograd. On Monday a court
found him guilty of disorderly conduct and sentenced him to 10 days in

Noize MC is well-known for his strong lyrics in which he often attacks
Russian authorities and criticizes corruption, police brutality and
unfairness of justice. He has already received several ”warnings” after his
song Restore Justice (Mercedes S-666) based on a road accident involving
Anatoly Barkov, vice-president of Russia’s oil giant Lukoil, in which two
women were killed.

This new arrest is an evident attack against freedom of speech in Russia.
Putin’s administration wants to show with this act that no dissident voice
will be accepted in today’s Russia. They say to all Russian citizens: “Shut

FYEG demands the immediate release of Noize MC and all other political
prisoners. We also call on the Russian authorities to respect Human rights,
freedom of speech and the liberties of all Russian citizens.


Delfina Rossi, FYEG Co-spokesperson

Sebastian Power, FYEG Co-spokesperson

Alexis Prokopiev, French Young Greens Spokesperson (+33613495384)
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