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> Dear friends,
> the results are in – more than 100,000 Avaaz members took part in th 
> e worldwide vote about whether we should go all out to organise a ma 
> ssive global wake-up call on climate change on September 21. Over 96 
> % of us voted YES! - and donations have funded the building of our n 
> ew event tool.
> Now let’s get to work. More information about what will happen on th 
> e day is below, but the first step is to consider registering a clim 
> ate wake-up call event to take place in your local area on the 21st. 
>  These will be quick, politically powerful, and a lot of fun. Our go 
> al is to organise thousands of wake-up events (or "flashmobs") in pu 
> blic places all over the world -- showing a massive public demand fo 
> r our lagging leaders to sign a fair and binding deal to stop climat 
> e catastrophe and unleash a new green economy this year.
> The basic plan is so easy that anyone can register an event, and new  
> Avaaz technology will do the work of helping other people find one  
> near them. We’ll send simple instructions about how to make these ev 
> ents successful: people will gather in groups at an agreed time on S 
> ept 21st for a few minutes, and together make a phone call to their  
> elected leader to press for climate action. Photos, videos and phone 
> -calls from these events around the world will then be compiled into 
>  a powerful package and delivered to world leaders and the media at  
> the UN climate summit the next day!
> Click below now to register a climate wake-up event in your area, or  
> keep reading to learn more:
> http://www.avaaz.org/en/sept21_hosts
> The climate wake-up events are based on the idea of “flashmobs”  
> -- fun, peaceful demonstrations in which participants assemble sudde 
> nly in a public place, blending in with the crowd, perform an unusua 
> l action simultaneously for a few minutes, and then quickly disperse 
> . They will be mostly self-organising, so should be easy for everyon 
> e involved.
> On the morning of September 21, everyone participating will set our  
> alarms and gather together a few minutes before the assigned time,  
> at locations chosen by the hosts in our local area. When our alarms  
> go off, we'll hold up our mobile phones and find each other, and  
> then, as a group, call our leaders to urge them to go to Copenhagen  
> and sign a fair, ambitious, and binding climate treaty this year.  
> We'll make as much noise as we can, while recording videos and  
> photos for the UN presentation -- then head back to work, school, or  
> home to upload the results!
> Your role is straightforward: you just need to choose the location  
> (a good public place near you) and register a Sept 21 event using  
> our online tool, encourage friends to attend, and read through a  
> short kit beforehand so you have all the information you’ll need. Ge 
> t creative or keep it simple -- it's a fun way to contribute to the  
> climate movement, and a great way to meet other Avaaz members.
> Thousands of simultaneous events will give us a great chance to  
> seize the attention of world media and of leaders everywhere. Our  
> partners in the TckTckTck campaign will be working alongside us --  
> citizens’ groups and NGOs everywhere, helping to organize wake-up ca 
> ll events on the same day, from film screenings and dancing to aeria 
> l photography. But at the heart of it all are these grassroots wake- 
> up call events which we as citizens need to make happen... so if you 
>  think you can commit to attend one of these events on the 21st Sept 
> ember and you can think of a good place for it near you, register a  
> local event at this link now:
> http://www.avaaz.org/en/sept21_hosts
> The climate crisis is a massive challenge. Together we can beat it,  
> but time is short -- we can't rely on old tactics to generate new  
> results. Let's get creative!
> See you on Sept 21,
> Ben, Iain, Taren, Paul, Graziela, Ricken, Paula, Luis, Alice J,  
> Pascal, Benjamin, Alice W, Brett, Milena, Raluca, Julius, Margaret,  
> Veronique, Chris -- and the whole Avaaz.org team
> PS: If you can’t commit to host an event, don’t worry -- just  
> keep an eye out for more wake-up call messages from us soon, giving  
> you the opportunity to sign up to participate in one of the events o 
> r to take action from home.
> These Climate Wake-Up Call events are an experiment in so-called  
> "flash mobs". You can learn more about flash mobs here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_mob
> The default time for the wake-up events will be 12.18pm on September  
> 21, standing for the 18th day of the 12th month (the final day of  
> the vital UN climate conference in Copenhagen, the deadline for a  
> new climate treaty) -- lunchtime -- but you can set another time for  
> your event on the 21st if that works better for you. Thousands of  
> simultaneous climate wake-up call flash mobs will help focus global  
> attention on the climate crisis. Be the first to register an event  
> in your area now! http://www.avaaz.org/en/sept21_hosts
> --------------------------------------
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