[fyeg_gen-l] Being Green

Luis Jazxhi luis_jazxhi at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 14 13:27:51 CEST 2009

Hello Everybody

My name is Luis,from the Albanian Young Greens.

As we are like 2 months nearby a big green event which will be held in Copenhagen.
I just wanted to share smth with all you that feel green to have a look at this book(author:Mark Mann).

And try to make possible, all what is written and explained in that book.
It a book when explains everything that makes you green , what does green mean ,
what can we do in our houses , for a better life.

I am very sure that you all know that(what does green mean) , and maybe you are now asking yourselves
what the ... is he trying to say. :D
or maybe you have seen and read en this stuff before.And maybe there are people that haven't read this.

But anyway i just wanted to share it with you all , in any case we are the ones that should first try to do it first our selves
this emission reduction,and than to pretend by the world authorities. 

Green regards,Luis

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