[fyeg_gen-l] European youth seminar on fair trade and the environment - URGENT

Jan Labohý jan.labohy at seznam.cz
Thu May 28 13:40:52 CEST 2009

Youth Exchange "European youth seminar on fair trade and the environment"
is looking for partners from non-EU countries. The exchange is organized
by Society for Fair Trade, czech NGO working with Fair Trade and
developmental education and in cooperation with FANE (Informal network of
volunteers interested in Fair Trade and Global Issues).

The seminar is planned to happen on 25-30 September in the Czech Republic,
and for the moment we have groups that agreed to participate from CZ,
Greece, UK, Germany, Spain, Finland, Belgium, Malta and Ukraine.

We are going to speak about Fair Trade and our experiences with it´s
promotion and environmental education, we will see practical examples of
educational workshops, we will visit cave river on boats anad we will have
a great time!

There should be the same amount of people from participating countries
-so to keep seminar manageable I consider 4 people per participating
Not less, because there is a rule from Youth agency, three must be at
least 4 persons from each country.

At the moment I´m gathering partnership agreements and estimates of your
travel costs.
The application deadline is 1st June, but from 29th evening I m off -
everything I have to submit on 28th or 29th the latest.
So please consider 28th May as deadline.
I will need filled partnership agreements, signed and stamped and faxed
to us (+420 543214002, or better scanned via email to ludek at fairtrade.cz)
- and I will then need the same original posted via post as well. For the
budget I need your travel costs estimates. (train /bus to Brno, Czech
There is a rule that you have to pay 30% of travel costs yourselves.
National agency pays 70%.

Thanks for interest and if you have some more questions ask me exactly
what do you need to know.
thanks and greetings from very hot Brno today
Ludek Sterba

+420 732 724 195
ludek at fairtrade.cz
Skype: ludasterba
Fax + 420 543 214 002

Spolecnost pro Fair Trade
Kounicova 42, 602 00 Brno
-- www.fairtrade.cz --

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