[fyeg_gen-l] Please help the UK Greens stop the fascists

Gary Dunion garydunion at gmail.com
Wed May 20 15:29:13 CEST 2009


Dear Greens,

Britain has had its problems with racism but I'm proud that we have
never elected a fascist candidate to any office higher than the London
city assembly.

That could change next month, as the fascist British National Party
seek to benefit from a scandal over big parties' parliamentary
expenses to elect their first ever MEP, in the North-West region that
includes Liverpool and Manchester.

*** For the good of anti-racism across Europe, we want to keep the
fascists out of the British European delegation ***

The race for the final seat in the North-West region is likely to be
between the BNP's leader Nick Griffin and the Greens' Peter Cranie.

The BNP have been getting an easy time from the media and we need your
help to fight back

***Please watch this film that explains why it's down to the Greens to
stop the BNP, and donate £15 to help us win***


Under UK law, overseas citizens can donate to political parties as
long as their donations are not more than £200.

Please also post the link to your Facebook profile or any email groups
you think would like to help.  If you can translate this message into
your own language, that would be even better!

Many, many thanks,

Gary Dunion
Scottish Young Greens

Gary Dunion

07545 785305

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