[fyeg_gen-l] URGENT! Partnership for Turkish EU Project Proposal on Historical Heritage

Sevgi MUTLU sevgimutlu80 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 22:28:10 CET 2009


*As the Archeologists Association (
*) of Turkey, we are planning to apply for a one year EU Project as part of
“Istanbul 2010, European Capital of Culture Program”, “Participatory
Protection of Historical Heritage as a Model”.*

*The overall objective of our project is; “realizing activities to raise
awareness on historical heritage, protect local historical monuments by
involving local people, collecting related data and archives and  transfering
them to digital platforms for public sharing”.*

*The place of implementation of the Project is; “Kadiköy Municipality
of  Istanbul,

*We believe this project will contribute to protect our common human
historical heritage from a local, participatory perspective, especially in a
big metropol like Istanbul,  where uncontrolled urbanization endangers  the
historical heritage faster and with more destructive impact  compared to
many European cities.*

*In the scope of this Project we are planning to realize the activities
listed in the Annex below.*

*In case you decide in favor of your participation and sign the Partnership
Statement (please find attached), the activities you will participate will
be covered fully from the project budget. We would like to ask your support
to the activities mentioned above, which are planned to be realized with
your cooperation (please see Activity 3 and 6 in the Annex).*

*We kindly ask you for your feedback until December 11, 2009 (Friday), since
the project application deadline is December 14, 2009 (Monday).*

*We strongly hope to work together despite this short notice to exchange
experiences in our first EU project, intensify our partnership and
communication in future, and look forward for your positive feedback as soon
as possible.*

*Please do not hesitate to contact me and our Project Contact Person, Sevgi
Mutlu (**sevgimutlu80 at gmail.com* <sevgimutlu80 at gmail.com>*)  for any
questions or details. *

*Annex: Planned Project Activities*

ACTIVITY 1: Signing the Project  Contract. Completion of preliminary works,
Establishment of the Project Guidance Committee and the Project Team*. (
Month 1 and 2 )*

ACTIVITY 2: Procurement of Material and Equipment *( Month 2, 3 and 4 )*

ACTIVITY 3: Pre-investigation *visits (visit of 4 people from our Project
Team for 5 days to your organization)*, Determination of target groups,
Realization of the Project Introductory Meeting and Workshop *(visit of 2
people from your organization to İstanbul for 4 days)* *(Month 5 and 6).*

*In order to provide an efficient start up of project activities, an
pre-investigation visit will be organised to the partner organization by a
team consisting of 5 persons by our project team. During the Investigation
Visit, we will have the opportunity to exchange experiences and opinions for
the activities to be fulfilled in the future taking the advantage of the
experiences of the partner organization in similar projects. Also during
this visit the NGO’s which are active on the same subject of the project and
relevant associations and institutions determined by the partner
organization will be visited*

Immediately after the determination of the target groups, a Project
Introductory Meeting will be held with the attendance of the relevant
Non-Governmental Organisations, local representatives, representatives from
public institutions, representatives of  target groups, neighbourhood
municipalities and 2 representatives from *partner organization. ***

ACTIVITY 4: Execution of Seminars and Workshops with target groups *(Month
6,7 and 8)*

ACTIVITY 5: Collecting data from target groups and transfering them to
digital platforms for public sharing *(Month 7,8,9 and 10)*

ACTIVITY 6: Execution of Technical Field Visits (visit of 4 people from our
Project Team for 5 days to your organization, and your visit to the Closing
Meeting in Istanbul with 2 person for 4 days) *(Month 9 and 12 )*

After the training and seminar programmes in the 9th and 10th Month of the
Project, a group of 5 persons consisting of target group representatives and
the project team will organize a last technical visit of 5 days to the
partner organization. In this visit activities and implementation of the
Project  will be presented,  results of trainings, implemented programmes
and the project activities as a whole will be assessed.

ACTIVITY 7: Preparation of the Bimonthly Reports

ACTIVITY 8: Preparation of the Interim and Final Reports

ACTIVITY 9: Preparation for the Closing Meeting and Publication of Closing
Booklet (*Month 11 and 12)*




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